Clients and their Feedback

(Maggie Roberts wearing a Regency parure made by the Gray Horse - 
tiara, necklace, earrings, and brooch with South Sea Shell Pearl Drops 
and olivine reverse intaglio cameos)

Available in these Gift Shops and with these Sutlers

Colonial Williamsburg - Jewelry and Book
Jewelry sold in the William Pitt Store and afternoon Auctions
Book sold at the Visitor's Center and/or John Greenhow Store
(Photo credit Kimberly K. Walters)

George Washington's Mount Vernon
(Photo Courtesy of George Washington's Mount Vernon website)

Gadsby's Tavern Museum, The Lyceum, and 
Historic Alexandria Satellite Museum Shop in the Hilton Hotel -  Jewelry and Book
(Photo Courtesy of Historic Alexandria)

Virginia Historical SocietyRichmond, Virginia - Book
(Photo Courtesy of Google)

Prince William County Historic Preservation, Brentsville, Virginia - Book
(Photo Courtesy of PWC Historic Preservation)

Historic Annapolis - Book
(Photo of The Paca House, Wikipedia)

Darnall's Chance House Museum - Earrings
(Photo by Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation)

New York

Schuyler Mansion Historic Park
(Photo Courtesy


Washington Crossing Historic Park - Jewelry and Book
(Photo Courtesy of Washington Crossing Historic Park)

Fort Pitt Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Book
(Photo Courtesy of Fort Pitt Museum)

Fort Ligonier, Ligonier, Pennsylvannia - Book
(Photo Courtesy of Fort Ligonier)


American Duchess Historical Footwear - Shoe Buckles
(Photo Courtesy of American Duchess)


Allures d'Antan who sells bespoke historical clothing


Wm Booth Draper at the Sign of the Unicorn
(Charlotte and James Shoe Buckles and Sleeve Buttons)

Smiling Fox Forge
(Charlotte Shoe Buckles)

My jewelry and book have also been sold at reenactments and craft shows up and down the East coast of the United States.  I have set up shop or my items are sold in gift shops at Colonial Williamsburg, George Washington's Mt. Vernon Estate Museum and Gardens, Gadsby's Tavern and Museum, the Lyceum, Historic Dumfries, Washington Crossing Historic Park, Rockford Plantation, Monmouth Battlefield Park, Warner Hall, Belair Museum, Carlyle House Historic Park, Stratford Hall, Historic Annapolis, Brentsville Prince William County Historic Preservation, Gunston Hall, Historic London Town and Gardens, Fort Pitt Museum, Rippon Lodge, and Fort Ligonier Museum.


REVIEW:  “The Black Petticoat Society A TURN:  Washington’s Spies Fan Association met Kimberly when we found out that some of her jewelry are used in the show. We decided to purchase some of her pieces as prizes for our weekly contests. She was fantastic to work with and helped us in our own reenacting endeavors. Some of us are new to the reenacting community which can be a bit intimidating. When dressing for the period, we found out quickly that if you want to look right, you need to be historically accurate. Kimberly's extensive research and knowledge helped us choose items that would work with our clothing. She was a great resource. Knowing we had pieces that are accurate really helped our confidence levels too. Her pieces are beautifully made, and are affordable enabling us to build a nice collection. All of us have pieces from the Sign of the Gray Horse now.”

My Amazing Clients

Eliza Leigh Vincz in Legends & Lies wearing her Gray Horse pearls - HUZZAH!

Dyana Neal of 91.5, WBJC wearing the "Charlotte" shoe buckles

Vicki Lynn Embry wearing a festoon necklace and matching bracelet.  
She is the author of the Kozy Kitty Blog

Ms. Meredith Barnes wearing my pearl earrings, bracelet, and bolo style 
ribbon necklace with crystal slide and heart charm.

Mrs. Erin Wyckoff Brown wearing the "Mrs. Gavin Lawson" 
pearl drop necklace and matching earrings

Rae Supko wearing custom earrings to go with her "Anne Boleyn" necklace
Photo by Jon Supko Photography

Pam wearing one of my pearl and crystal necklaces
Photo by Jennifer Higgins

Laurel Kathryn Scott wearing a pearl and vintage reverse intaglio flower choker, 
bracelets, and pearl drops
(Photo Courtesy of James Thompson)

Eliza Leigh Vincz holding Buzz and wearing her parure - festoon necklace, earrings, cuffs and matching brooch

Molly P Anderson Yun - South Sea Shell Pearl Drops
(Photo Courtesy of her)

Paul A. McClintock of From Common Hands Studio wearing a Sterling Silver enameled Georgian 18th Century Memento Mori Ring

Amy Bell wearing my Festoon Necklace and Matching Earrings
(Photo Courtesy of American Village Citizen Trust, Alabama)

Rachael MacAskill and she portrays Sarah Watts Bradlee of the 

Angel Tillman looking spectacular wearing a Tiara, Earrings, and Velvet Choker/Neck Ruffle
(Photo Courtesy of her)

Maggie Emily Roberts wearing a Gray Horse Peridot Georgian Collet necklace and matching earring with vintage white glass pearls in Rueil-Malmaison, France-Gorgeous!
(Photo by Luc Morel Photography)

Mary Jane and Ryan Dean - Mary Jane is wearing a three strand red coral necklace and  Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli ring.  Stunning regency turban and just look at Ryan's coat!!!!!

The lovely Samantha McCarty wearing a pair of my "La Bella" earrings and matching pendant (yellow moonstone) - just gorgeous and always looking as if she walked out of a painting!  (Photo by Lauren Leigh)

Noel Stewart and Angel Tillman wearing earrings and matching pendants in their 1790's gowns  (Photo courtesy of Angel Tillman)

Laurel Kathryn Scott wearing an Eye Miniature
(Courtesy of Pink Photography)

Gema Gonzalez and Victoria Lawhon in Colonial Williamsburg wearing 18th Century Georgian Collet necklace and earrings, pearls, pearl earrings, and pendants

Donna Lane with Carnelian Ring and Red Coral Earrings
(Photo Courtesy of Donna Lane)

Duffy, Maggie, Diane, and Bill in Colonial Williamsburg - Maggie and Diane wearing the Gray Horse Earrings, Necklace, and Watch chain!

Rachel Anderson with a lovely three strand pearl necklace and double rhinestone headband
(Photo Courtesy of Rachel Anderson and Richard Miller)

Princess Rapunzel wearing "The Duchess" Crystal Cluster Earrings

Beautiful 18th Century Young Lady wearing the Gray Horse Earrings and Hat Pins

Mark Sage, Staff Writer at Muzzleloader Magazine, wearing a pair of Hammered Gold Sleeve Buttons
(My Hammered Gold and Oval New York Pewter Floral Sleeve Buttons were featured in the November/December 2013 magazine, Page 39, "The Commonly Worn But Universally Overlooked Sleeve Button")
(Photo Courtesy of Mark Sage)

 Close up of Mark's sleeve buttons
(Photo Courtesy of Mark Sage)

Gema Gonzalez wearing lovely Girandole Pearl earrings
(Photo Couresty of Gema Gonzalez)

Ms. Mara Riley, author of "Whatever Shall I Wear?  A Guide to Assembling a Woman's Basic 18th C. Wardrobe" (a must have for any lady reenacting) wearing a lovely Memorial Glass locket
(Photo by Kimberly Walters at Colonial Williamsburg)

Susan Hayward-Costa at Gunston Hall wearing her Buttlerfly Watch Chain
(Photo Couresty of Susan Hayward-Costa and Tom Costa)
Kathryn Weller wearing custom Acorn earrings
(Photo Couresty of Kathryn Weller)
Mea Clift wearing her beautiful ring with Lapis Lazuli cabochon
at Historic London Town and Gardens
(Photo by Kimberly Walters)

Lacey Villiva, Living Historian and Educator at George Mason's Gunston Hall, 
at Mt. Vernon wearing custom Acorn earrings
(Photo Courtesy of Lacey Villiva)

Kerry McClure, 18th Century Living Historian, in Williamsburg, VA
wearing my Pearl Earrings
(Photo Courtesy of Kerry McClure)

Kerry McClure, 17th Century Living Historian, Historic Jamestown, VA wearing a pair of Silk Bow and Pearl Earrings
(Photo Courtesy of Kerry McClure)
Gema Gonzalez at Gadsby's Tavern and Museum, Alexandria, VA wearing Aquamarine and Pearl Drops and Pendant
(Photo Courtesy of Gema Gonzalez)
Lovely Lady with Sterling Silver and Antique Blue Swarovski Crystal Earwires

Dory Gean Cunningham as the Marchioness of Dorset
at the Maryland Rennaissance Faire 2012 wearing Garnet and Pearl Drops
(Photo Courtesy of Dory Gean Cunningham)

Lacey Villiva wearing Velvet Cuffs with Marcasite Box Clasps
at the Carlyle House Historic Park
(Photo Courtesy of Lacey Villiva)

Natassia wearing one of our Vintage Cameos.
(Photo Courtesy of her)

Kimberly Berezuk in New Orleans wearing our Necklace with Antique pendant, matching bracelet, and earrings - perfect!

Nicki Foronda at the Brice House wearing Garnet and Topaz Swarovski Crystal Earrings and matching Georgian Collet Necklace - gorgeous!
(Photo by Harry Aycock)

Anne Henninger at the Maryland DAR State Conference

Cheryl Cain, Soloist, at the Ojai Music Festival 2014

Gretchen Bulova, Gadsbys Tavern and Museum wearing my Brass oval and Crystal earrings

My niece, Jessie Carr, wearing my earrings

Maggie wearing my pearl earrings (with clip on)
(Photo by Lauren Stowell of American Duchess)

Client Feedback

“…Believe me when I say that there are a lot of vendors out there who could take a page or two from your book when it comes to communication and commitment to customer service...Thankfully, folks like you have talent and business sense so the rest of us can keep on improving our impressions, especially with the fine details, and the little details really always pull impressions together, especially an upper class civilian or officer of means type impression.  Face it, Kim, we make it look good… Confidence is always key. It’s good for life and for the types of impressions we do. People can feel confidence wearing your items.  You make that happen for us.  Best wishes to the horses and thanks for all you do.” ~Kenneth Gavin

“There are artists and there are passionate historians but rarely do I see the two blended so thoroughly as they appear to be in you. Your desire to see these beautiful things specifically attached to those who portray Mrs. Washington speaks volumes. I understand completely…   As you can see we portray the Washingtons in the war years.  We are currently in 1780. May a Good Providence bless your business with continued prosperity."  ~ Daniel Shippey of Breed's Hill Institute

"Wow!  My wife looked amazing on Saturday night.  We were at our unit's Christmas party in an 18th century room, complete with fireplace and music.  The necklace and earrings really enhanced her dress and sparkled in the candlelight.  Thank you for the portrait, and the selection of earrings.  We'll look for you at Fort Fred in the spring."  ~ Bill Hug

"...I love that your jewelry goes just as nicely with modern clothing as with the 18th and 19th century versions."  ~ Anne Henninger

"The package arrived yesterday.  OMG - I love love love the ring -- it is even more beautiful than the picture.  Thanks again!"
~Sherri Dennis

"Kim - thank you again for such beautiful work!  Thank you for proving the adage that - "accessories make the woman..."  ~ Ruth Verbunt, Regency Assembly of North Carolina

"Finally got a chance to pick up my package from my sister's -- and what a gorgeous surprise awaited me, beautifully wrapped, as always. The earrings are breathtaking and the hatpins scrumptious! Can't wait to show them off!  When it comes to reproduction period jewelry, Kim truly has an eye for the exquisite. The amount of research and artistry she puts into every piece makes her jewelry a fabulous addition to any collection, and a joy to wear. I am always eager to see what she’s designing next!”  Thanks again, Kimberly ... :)"
~ Laurel Kathryn Scott

"I received my ring and it is my precious!  It's a copy of a Jane Austen ring but in garnet & silver. I simply love it!!!! One of those things they will have to pry from my cold dead hands. Lol"  ~ Grace Welch

"Gorgeous" ~ Lisa Tolles Efinger, The Scarlet Scareb

"Kimberly, just wanted to tell you that I LOVE those crystal drop earrings that i purchased from you, I have been wearing them with modern clothing as well as my 18th century...just love em!" ~ April C. Thomas, Fashions Revisited

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Slate Valley Museum the earrings and hatpin are beautiful and I know at least a couple of us who will be in a bidding war for them :)" ~ John H. Davies

"I am in love!!! They exceed all my expectations! The onyx in particular are the same length as the onyx in the pic I sent you. Thank you so much!!!" ~ Carolyn Smith-Kizer, 18th Century Cuisine

“Your work is from the heart - like there's a little bit of you in each one of your pieces. And it’s fabulous. :)” ~ Mea Clift, Clift's Notes

"Thank you for the turquoise earrings and also the green ones - wow! I'm so excited. I already tried on the turquoise earrings - how gorgeous. elegant and understated. Wow. I'll be proud to wear them at events! Thanks again." ~ Lauren Muney, Silhouettes by Hand

Thanks so much for the gorgeous pin! I love it, I'll be wearing it ALL the time! ~ Ashley Brower

"My wife really liked the earrings both for the look and period correctness. Other friends were at the 12th night ball and saw them.” ~ Stu Gralnik

"...I pretty much wear my ring all the time, I just love it..."  ~ Donna Lane

"We love our jewelry!!!!  It looks perfect with our 1790's dresses.  Thank you so much!"  ~Angel Tillman

"Just wanted to let you know that the jewelry arrived!  It's every bit as stunning as I expected it to be.  I can't wait for an opportunity to wear the earrings (and I can't wait to see the smiles on my friends' faces when I give them the items I picked out for them)!  Thank you so very much for offering such beautiful period pieces.  No outfit is truly complete without the accessories and your jewelry really adds so much!" ~ Stacy Weissner

"In anticipation of an 18th Century Ball, my wife needed a pair of earrings.  I found the perfect pair, elegant and historically correct.  When they arrived, she was struck by their beauty.  She LOVES them!  Thank you."  ~John Bradley

"I was so happy to see that Belle is doing better...I know well the panic and stress of a suddenly ill animal. Belle is a beautiful creature and clearly loved well and returns that. You can see it in her eyes.  Again, thank you for the wonderful jewelry. I'll be joining the Oregon Regency Society in September for a Regency Retreat. I will need more baubles for me and my husband...and those will need some sparkly pretties to compliment them. I'll be stalking your website for just the right thing!  All the best," Mary Jane Dean

"Thank you Kim, I love the new pretties!  I love your jewelry because it's affordable and it looks go GOOD!"  ~Nicki Foronda Dalton