The Horses

~ In order of their rescue/adoption ~

Southern Belle - The Inspiration
(1989 to 25 August 2014)

Southern Belle (middle) with Zach Langley at the Jerusalem Mills, Maryland 2009 Revolutionary War reenactment
(Photo credit - me)

 Indifferent Dreams (aka Mindy Lou) 
a great-great Granddaughter of Seattle Slew - adopted


Happy and Frolicking in 2012
(Haddy, Mallory, Mindy, and Belle)

Kicking it up! (2012)
(Little D)

The girls and I
(Photo by Karen Morgan, August 2014)

Adopted from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 14 November 2014

Nelson and I
The first moment I met him

(aka Blueskin) in Colonial Williamsburg with General George Washington (Ron Carnegie)
(Photo by Janet Fetherbay Bird)

"Ron Carnegie says via the Colonial Williamsburg Making History Blog
December 18, 2014 at 11:00 pm
I was asked if I had a quote that I could add to this blog and due to my tardiness and the bustle that marks the holiday season at Colonial Williamsburg I failed in this regard. In hopes that it might be received as an apology for this delinquency by Ms Ross, Ms Walters and my dear old friend Nelson (whom I called Blueskin) I now offer these remarks.

I thank Mr Nichols and his staff at Coach and Livestock for the great care and concern that they provide to our animals at the Foundation. There is a large amount of work in all weathers and sometimes at unusual hours in their care.

As to Nelson, we have been together for a few years now and he was a part of me and a part of my character as portrayed. I will greatly miss him, his reliability, his humour and his showmanship. he is a beautiful l hour and certainly has earned his peaceful retirement, far from the clangor of arms, the bustle of the camps and the cares of public employment.

Lastly, the care of retired horses can be a costly and time consuming endeavour. We at the Foundation and perhaps even more so the animals themselves are very fortunate that there are people like Kimberly Walters who offer these resources and their love to these creatures. Please, take the time to visit her website and see the lovely pieces she has available. They make perfect last minute Boxing Day gifts!

Ronald Carnegie Jr.
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation"

Nelson with Scott Green of Colonial Williamsburg, who portrays Benedict Arnold, is on the set of "TURN, Washington's Spies."  
(Photo by Karen Smith, Coach and Livestock, Colonial Williamsburg)

Nelson's bridle at Colonial Williamsburg
(Photo taken by Ron Carnegie June 2015)

Haddy (2012)
(Photo by Clare Jacobsmeyer)

Nelson - September 2019 - at Sunset

Mindy - July 2019