In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to those animals of whom I have cared for and loved.  It is important to me to remember them, and know they are now waiting for me in heaven.

Until we meet again - you have given me the inspiration to continue to care for those horses who need help and love like no other has given to them.  I will care for those you have sent to me with all of my ability.  I will weep fountains for the missing of your love and companionship.

Created by Marla Au for Belle

FRAULEIN FURBALL - 1999 - 2014

Fraulein was a small baby who lived in one place her entire life, having brought me three kittens, and she was feral.  She was adopted in December of 1999, and died on 5 June 2014 having lived longer than she would have, and so very very loved and taken care of.  She will be missed but her life is celebrated and made me a better person for it.


Jake was a gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla born just outside of Stratford upon Avon in England in 1998.  He was the silliest, most handsome, boy I could have ever loved.  He was with me for 15 years, 1 month, and 5 days and left on his own terms.  He was a good boy and he loved me with all he had.  When he was young, he could fly after a frisbee no matter how far you threw it, and he LOVED playing ball.  He will forever be in my heart and soul and I will never forget him or what he gave to me - which was pure and unconditional love. 

Me, Jake, and his brother Paddington Bear in my lap


This was one of the first horses I rode during lessons at Criswood Farm in Manassas.  This former retired police thoroughbred, was one of the only horses I wanted to ride - maybe since he was a flea bitten gray?  The story is that he was injured on duty and his eye was infected and had to be removed.  He was then retired.  The Christophers took him in and gave him a chance.  He was one of the best lesson horses they had!  He passed on 4 November 2011 from colic (had been very colicy for a few months).  We honor his life here.  These photos were from this past summer at the camps and from years past.

Summer Camp as Santa - Photo by Kathy

A few years ago, Photo by Kaitlyn Olson


Buszke came after my Jake to be his companion.  She was the silliest little puppy who just wiggled and wiggled and had attitude!  She quickly became her Daddy's girl and had a wonderful life.  She developed pancreatic cancer and no matter what we tried - chemo to natural remedies - we could not save her.  We tried, oh believe me we did.  I created a little book about Buszke full of photos from almost every month of her life.  Love and miss this little puppy.

Portrait by Jack Lindsay

In Remembrance - a life too short but honored and remembered.

ANCSA (aka The Lion Queen)

Ancsa came after Buszke passed away for my Jake and to be his companion.  She was connected to Buszke's direct line in her genealogy so we felt that we were getting Buszke back in the form of Ancsa.  All the toys were hers, she was so happy and loving, but also naughty.  She, too, became her Daddy's girl and loved him so very much.  She tolerated me.  Ha Ha!  She had the very best life.  She had started to have issues eating, and for years we gave her whatever food she would eat.  We eventually found out that she had a tumor that possibly affected her smell and taste.  She gave joy and love, and we couldn't have asked for more from her.  I called her the Lion Queen as the second photo below reminds me of the lion - Simba - from the movie The Lion King.

Cherokee - (aka Cherry, Chair-i-dy)

The farm lost Cherokee on 2 February 2019 - a beautiful but cautious horse.  She was abandoned by her owner, but I decided after seeing her standing there one day with the flies eating up her legs, and no one to personally care for her, that I would be the one to do so.  I promised her that, and I checked and groomed her as if she was my own because she was.  My sweet sweet Cherry - I will miss you with all of my heart.  Thank you for trusting me.

I am writing this the day after my poor Freddie sat up, cried out, and had a stroke.  I was watching it real time, and I thank God that I was here to be able to rush him to the vet.  There was nothing I could do to stop it, nothing I could do to help him but to heaven.  I was there the entire time comforting him, loving him, praying over him, and knowing he would cross with help - greeting my others waiting for him.  Fred was a totally feral kitty that I rescued from a barn as I left it.  No way could I leave him there, and for at least 5 years he would hide and not let me near him.  He slowly warmed up, trusting me, and as you can see below - his favorite chair was a 1960's Windor that will always be known as Freddie's Chair.  He loved kisses, head scratches, to be combed and loved on but only when HE wanted it.  Thank you God for having him in my life.

Miss Alley was a beautiful and loving kitty that I brought home from one of the farms that Miss Belle had been boarded at.  She kept jumping into people's cars when they left their windows open and pooped in them!  Ha Ha  After I brought her home, she got really sick but after spending time in the local animal hospital, we got her better.  While she had been at the farm, her meals and water was few and far between.  She had been an inside kitty, but they essentially just threw her out and expected her to fend for herself.  That traumatized her to the point that when I brought her home, she slept by her food and water bowls.  She blew up like a balloon afterwards and I was okay with that.  When she meowed, she coo'd like a dove, and why I called her Turtledove.  She lived a lot longer than she would have staying at that horrible farm, and was very happy and full all the time.  I miss my Turtledove.


Oscar was a stray kitty that showed up at my house in the winter.  Someone had tied a piece of string on his tail, so tight that it was meant to hurt him.  I don't know the type of cruelty that someone can have to do this, but I was able to get it off of him.  He told me his name, so I didn't have to really name him.  The first photo below is him as he got older and more frail.  He lived a very long life, and was loved and cared for.

CAT WOMAN (aka Mee Mee)
Cat Woman was the twin sister of Liebling who came to me at the same time.  Liebling disappeared from my house, at the time, and I have always hoped that she was brought inside by someone.  I put up signs, checked the shelters, and she was just gone.  I checked everywhere for her.  Cat Woman and Liebling came at the same time to where I thought they were one cat!  Cat Woman stayed, and lived a very long life.  She had started to have an issue with her thyroid, and required medicines of which she ate in baby food.  She loved being brushed, and given many kisses.  She was called Mee Mee because of her beautiful voice.