A Book of Cookery

A Book of Cookery is THE essential cookery book for hearth cooks and/or those interested in historic cooking!!  There is a LOT of history packed into these pages.

An Authentic 18th Century Cookie Recipe for
Cardamom and Orange Flower Water Koekjes
found in The Dutch Girl, by Donna Thorland
Baked over an open fire - watch the video below!

This book about hearth cooking would also be perfect for those Boyscouts and Girlscouts who cook over a fire or need to earn a badge, or for those who just want to learn how to do open hearth or campfire cooking.  The receipts are self explanatory, and if something needs to be explained, there is a note doing so.  

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Dutch Cookies at Gunston Hall
Open Hearth Cooking


Review by  Chef Walter Staib
A Review by Laura Frantz
A review by Historic Foodways of Colonial Williamsburg
Hearth Cooking

regarding my book can be seen on his Blog - 
27 and 28 May 2015



18th Century Dinner Table at the Carlyle House Historic Park

Posting by A Covent Garden Gilflurt's Guide to Life with comments by author Catherine Curzon (aka Madam Gilflurt)
 25 November 2015


At the Mount Clare Museum House in Baltimore, Maryland
A gorgeous set 18th century table with original items from the Carroll family
(Photo by Amanda Barrett)


The Dutch Girl, by Donna Thorland


At the Mount Clare Museum House in Baltimore, Maryland
Serving an 18th Century Tea
(Photo by Amanda Barrett)

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Colonial Era Cooking review by Rod Cofield

"Part the Eighth - Taking Tea"
 Photo by Paul A. McClintock

Mince Pie taken from A Book of Cookery, by a Lady by Connie Unangst
Photo by Douglas John Vergara

Open Hearth Cooking of a Mince Pie from A Book of Cookery by a Lady
Photo taken at Half Moon Inn, Newtown, Pennsylvania

A Receipt from the Book by Kathryn Weller
"My daughter and I love this cookbook!  We've tried a number of the recipes with great success.  The combination of historic recipes with some modern tips helps you create an accurate, great tasting dish while maintaining the authenticity of the original process.  A great way to delve into historic foodways!"  

A Book of Cookery by a Lady Book Signing, Chestertown Maryland, 23 May 2015

Cooking over a Hearth at Historic London Town and Gardens
Photo by James Finnerty