Tea in 18th Century America

Cover Art Painting by Pamela Patrick White

     My latest book, Tea in 18th Century America is finally ready for the bookshelves!

     SO honored for the reviews of the book -

     Posted is a review by Dr. Lynn Price who is an assistant research professor at the University of Virginia and Assistant Editor of The Washington Papers.

     I am grateful to Lucinda Brant for writing the Foreward, and to everyone who encouraged and supported me in writing this book, including Jim McGaughey who suggested I actually do it.

     It is now available via my Etsy shop.

     This book is also available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.  Prices fluctuate on these sites, and they often times offer free shipping.  A great deal; however, the books will NOT be signed by me if that is important to you.

     This book includes so much information on the importance of tea in America during the 18th century.  There are lots of original source prints, portraits, newspaper clippings, instructions on what you need for a proper 18th century "tea", and recipes included within.  

     There is a bonus chapter about Margaret Tilghman Carroll of Mount Clare in Baltimore, Maryland where she lived with her husband, Charles Carroll, the Barrister.  She was acquainted with General George Washington and Martha Washington as well as Charles Willson Peale - who painted her portrait which is in my book courtesy of Mount Clare Museum House. 

Photo of me by Robin Matty

     Retail price is $36.95.  Publisher is K. Walters at the Sign of the Gray Horse (Ingram).  Resellers, museum sites, and giftshops can go directly to Ingram or contact me directly at kimberlywalters@comcast.net.