Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Christmas Yuletide Program, Historic Annapolis, The Paca House and Gardens, 2 December 2023

      My article is a bit out of sequence, but finally am able to put it together.

L-R: His Excellency Governor Eden, Mrs. Calvert, Mrs. Carroll the Barrister, Mr. Paca, Esq., Mrs. Paca, Mr. Johnson, Jr., Mrs. Worthington, Mr. Worthington, Mrs. Brice III, and Sarah

     On Saturday 2 December 2023 in Historic Annapolis, the Paca House and Gardens, the Annapolis Living Historians portrayed the Paca family, friends, and acquaintances.  In the time period, it was a Thursday, and we were portraying 2 December 1773.  Mrs. Paca was pregnant, and the Paca's were entertaining to start the holiday season with a small party.  Mr. Paca was a part of the General Assembly, which was still in session.  They were not meeting in the Stadt house as it had been torn down, the new cornerstone had been laid in 1772 by Governor Eden.  They were meeting at a house prepared for public use.

     The Paca's had their guests meet in the garden as it was mild outside for our event.  We had several attend this year who portrayed people that the Paca's would have possibly socialized with.  It is with many thanks to Ken Tom and Elizabeth Bersche for the photos.

     We were very honored to have been featured in the Capital Gazette.  

 Photo by Jeffrey Bill of the Capital Gazette


     Per William Eddis in his book, "Letters from America," in January 1770 said of the Christmas season while visiting “…All the Good things of a Plentiful country decorated the table of our magnificent host; the wines were excellent, and various, and cheerful blazing fires, with enlivening conversation, exhilarated the spirits and rendered us totally regardless of the rigour of an American winter…”  We know that the 12 days of Christmas started after Christmas with many balls, private parties, and even weddings.

 The musical group, Bedlam, were also there playing music which filled the house with joy!

Photo by Jeffrey Bill of the Capital Gazette


      The light blue taffeta silk gown that I wore was all handsewn and made in the Colonial Williamsburg's Milliner shop.  It was given to me by a friend who stopped participating in living history, and while a bit big, it was a welcome addition to my wardrobe!  All jewelry is by me and in my shop and available.  My shoes were made by Rose Galante and are reproductions of Martha Washington's wedding shoes.  I am wearing shoe buckles from my shop on them - the Dandridge.  So I was wearing my Martha Dandridge Washington shoes!

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!

     I wanted to give thanks first to God, and second to everyone that purchases to support me and my horses.  It is greatly appreciated, and never taken for granted. 

Missing my Brewster, went to Heaven in 2023.  Photo by me.


Photo by Elizabeth Bersche

      This new year of 2024 will be of new beginnings, faith, thankfulness, gratitude, silliness, continuing to try to awaken people during this Great Awakening, and always of love.




Thursday, December 28, 2023

Christmas Illuminations - George Washington's Mount Vernon - 15 to 16 December 2023

      I was honored again to be asked to sell my jewelry at Christmas Illuminations.  While it is December, and it is usually cold - we were lucky this year with mild weather.  We were due some rain on Sunday, and that makes for wet canvas since my shop is set up in canvas!  So I did not stay for Candlelight Tours on Sunday.

     As usual, we had a really great event!  Aladdin the camel was there again, we also had the Pinch 'Em Slyly Tavern set up next door run by Jen Tousey along with Sage & Folly run by Sage Tousey, and was one of 12 sutlers on the 12-acre field.  Both nights were sold out.

     I am thankful to Elizabeth Berche for the amazing photos, and to Krista, Kerry, Elizabeth, and Gema for all of your help setting up, selling, and tearing down.  The evening event has quite a few people coming in, and I am grateful for the help!

     Photos are intermingled with me wearing the green stripe riding habit on Friday, and the red wool gown on Sunday.

Jen Tousey and I in the tavern.

 Krista, Jen, Gema, and I in front of the mansion.

Gema looking amazing as usual!



 Gema and I outside the Tavern.  We arrive in the afternoon so that those coming in to visit the property can shop if they so desire.

The 18th Century Thug Life.  LOL

Watching the fireworks that is the finale of the event.  All of the trees, gardens, and mansion are lit up in multiple colors - it is truly magical.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Garden Party, Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis, 8 October 2023


     This was the third year for the Garden Party of the Annapolis Living Historians.  I lead a group of amazing interpreters who are some of the best dressed on the East Coast.  We are highly researched of the Paca family, friends, and colleagues within Annapolis in the time. We interpret from their perspective, and what they would have known based upon letters, diaries, the Maryland Gazette newspaper, and other sources describing their social, political, and economic time of their lives. 


     We are currently looking for new members that enjoy interpreting in first person, and has the clothing in which to pull it off!  Not all of our members were able to make it to the garden party this year.  If interested, email me at

     One of our favorite things is to do is make (or purchase) foods that are as true to the 18th century receipt as we can make/get, and presented in the proper way.  We had a host of made dishes, desserts, cheese, bread, and a lot of drinks to partake in!  This is our event to socialize with each other as we are usually in separate rooms in the house interpreting.  This allows us to get to know each other better so that our interpretation is as seamless as possible.  We are also there to interact with visitors.

     Many thanks to Ken Tom on behalf of Historic Annapolis for the amazing photos of us and our table.  The blogger editor isn't always cooperative, so I have not put captions on the below photos.  The foods you see are scotch eggs, dried fruits, cream puffs, bread that was baked the day prior at Scotchtown, butter, fig jam, coriander biscuits, bread pudding, chicken, and small spinach and egg puddings, and cheese.