Monday, May 2, 2022

George Washington's Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend 2022

      Another successful event at Revolutionary War weekend!  I first want to thank all that came to find me on the property.  While I was in the same place, the site had tried a different set up for the units and sutlers as there is limited space, so many did not realize that there were more of the sutlers over by the garden wall near the Green House.  All in all it was a very successful event, and I am still catching up.

 The shop ready to go right next to Steinhagen Pottery

     I was able to get out a little bit on Saturday in which to walk about to see the camps, etc.  The event was packed with visitors of which I am told there were up to 10,000 in two days.  This is great news!  


     Will hopefully have my Etsy shop open later this week, and as usual, here are some photos of us at the event, and if you go to my Facebook page, I often times will add a video to show you the inside of the shop before an event!

In my new Brunswick by Fashions Revisited
Krista, Bill, and I with Floyd!

Photo with the Dragoons

This little puppy, Brodie, was tuckered out.  Glad he had a ride!

Duffy on Floyd and I was letting Floyd know he would get to go back to his buddies at the farm soon

His Excellency came by and purchased a lovely pearl necklace for Lady Washington!

Lady Washington with her beautiful pearl necklace (available in the shop!)

Having fun with Jim and Aidan.  Pure silliness.  💟

Krista looking amazing as usual!

Selfie just before opening.

White Historic Art was a few tents down from me, and you can see the giclee with my Nelson bottom left!  
Had hanging up my Washington's Armor poster!  
My jewelry is in the show so make sure you check it out!


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Fort Frederick Market Fair 2022

      After a 2 year hiatus due to COVID and all of the restrictions that came with it, the Fort Frederick Market Fair in Big Pool, Maryland commenced!  It was a great success even though it snowed up to three inches on the Monday before, and clumps of snow were left when I arrived on Wednesday.  The fair took place 21-24 April.  I have been going to Fort Fred since about 2010, but started selling at the fair in 2013.


     This year I was set up on the road coming in right next to Samson Historical and across from Muzzleloader Magazine.  This location which gave me a lot of foot traffic in and out of the Fort, and no one was set up along the pine trees as in years past.  There were 106 vendors that were selling this year, many old favorites and there were some new as well.  That made for a very successful show, and I am truly appreciative.  Thank you to all who stopped in to say hello!  It was nice to see everyone again.


      The reports are that we had over 6,000 visitors that came to shop or experience the fair.  It was an all time high, and I think after 2 years of not having it, everyone was ready to go!


The Shop

Krista in the front, Kerry in the shop


 I was also honored to be invited by Aslan to adore him at the hotel.  He is a gorgeous boy!  He loves playing, treats, and looks at himself in the mirror.  LOL  He was full of smiles, was curious, and allowed us to pet him.

For those who want to find out what Aslan's parents do, you can follow them on Facebook R. McKinney 1777

  I will be setting up for the George Washington's Revolutionary War weekend that takes place on 30 April to 1 May, and hope to complete another blog post next week.  Till then.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Maryland Days 2022 at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis, Maryland

      For those who do not know, I organize a living history group that portrays the Maryland Signers of the Declaration for Independence, the Paca Family, friends, relatives and people of the town!  No, I do not live in Maryland, but somehow this happened several years ago after London Town and Gardens changed their programming from first person to third and our reasons for being there disappeared.  Third person is great for reenactments and docents when you are not portraying people of the time.  We made such an impression on the new VP of Education at Historic Annapolis, that she invited us there.  We are forever grateful to Lisa.


A few members of the group March 2022 - L-R:  Jim McGaughey, Charles Aldrich, Michelle Aldrich, Earl Shibe, Me, Matthew West, and Michael Halbert

      Our group is on-site about four times a year at the Paca House and we are honored to be there.  We also portray people of the town, as well as indenture and convict servants.  If you want to follow us on Facebook - you can check out when we will be at the house.

This is Carolyn who portrays Sarah, a convict servant, who is out in the gardens.
     I am very well versed at the cooking arts of the time period (please check out my books here on this website and where to buy them - hint hint in my Etsy shop!), and you can sometimes find me in the kitchen area; however, Carolyn loves to be there when I cannot be or vice versa for our events.  We are often preparing dinner for the Pacas and their guests, and Mrs. Paca adds additional visitors to the dinner table much to our chagrin.
This is Gema Gonzalez (sitting) who portrays Mrs. Mary Chew Paca, and a neighbor Elizabeth Bersche who portrays Mrs. Mary MadcCubbin Brice in the Dining Room.
     I enjoyed a day in the gardens with Michelle Aldrich who portrays Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Carroll in which to extend our interpretation outside on the nice days.  We did have wind, it was a bit cool, and we had a few spring sun showers come through, but overall it was a gorgeous day.  We were able to interact with the visitors and talk a bit about what Mrs. Paca would have planted in the gardens come the Spring planting season.  Mrs. Paca has a nice medicinal garden on the property. 

Michelle and I on the path to the Summer House.  Photo taken by Gema Gonzalez.
     The men enjoyed a day in Mr. Paca's "hall" or office, and also played cards and talked politics in the parlor.  The visitors were received by Mr. Paca and spoke of business, politics, and taxes. 
Chillin in Mr. Paca's Office with Mr. Samuel Chase (sitting).

Chops Sticks?  LOL   

Mr. John Hall, Esq., arrives at the Paca House - portrayed by Earl Shibe.

     All of our events are very well researched, a scenario is created, and all is coordinated with Historic Annapolis so that we are on track to portray the family, friends, etc., to the best of our ability with the information that we know.  We are an elite group with some of the best clothing and interpreters on the East Coast.  Many of us dig even deeper into our characters so that we can create the person from the time as best that we can.  We have great fun, and often socialize after our events with dinner in town - and love Reynold's Tavern where we feel at home.
The Carrolls - Charles Carroll the Barrister and Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Carroll

Michael Halbert portrays Mr. Brice Thomas Beale Worthington.  All of these men were lawyers and on the legislature in town, either upper or lower houses.

Hello!  Who's that?
     For those who may want to participate with us, do you have what it takes, I bet you do!?  If so, please contact me through our Facebook page - link above.  Please have past experience and photos available for us as our group is very particular of who is in it, how you look, your attitude and seriousness of portraying your character - please also just come to an event to see if you like what you see!  
     All photos, unless otherwise noted, are taken by Ken Tom on behalf of Historic Annapolis.
Caption this!  LOL

I portray Mrs. Margaret Chew Bordley, sister to Mary Chew Paca.
Photo taken by Michelle Aldrich.


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Military Thru the Ages, Jamestown Settlement, Virginia 2022

      It has been a little while now that I have posted, and I apologize for that!  So many things have been going on in the early part of this year, and that left little to no time to write.  But, I hope to remedy that as this year I retire from my day job and I can hopefully do more research and writing.


     My first show for 2022 was a great success at Military Thru the Ages (also known as MTA or Mud Thru the Ages after it rains) in Jamestown, Virginia at the Jamestown Settlement. As always, the event was full of really awesome living history interpretations from the Celts up to the current National Guard being on site.  This event has been taking place for many years, and the site is like a well oiled machine.  Those of us that have been attending for a few years know exactly what to do! 


     As usual, I did not get out of my tent that often to take photos of the interpretations, but the following are a few of me and my amazing assistants that helped me in the shop.  There are more of the event on Facebook at this link by Susan McCall, and I am sure there are more out there that I don't know about!  I am always set up in the Indian Village on the Settlement, and it is a very nice area.  This year we had several sutlers in attendance.


Jacket and Petticoat by Verdanta, and my cap is by Fashions Revisited.  Picture taken on Sunday!

Krista and I near the Indian Village in the settlement.  My jacket and petticoat are wool and were so comfortable.  Krista quilted her petticoat and it was a very beautiful thing.

The inside of the shop on Saturday - so many things!  The center board has watch strings on it, the one just in front of me are watch chains or pin ball ring chains.


I am standing with the legend Janice Ryan (of J.P. Ryan patterns fame).  It was lovely to see her again, and I truly appreciate and am honored that she purchases jewelry from me.  The photo was taken by Susan McCall and unfortunately I did not have a high resolution photo so it is blurry.

Standing with Neil, Kerry, me, and Janice.  Photo by Susan McCall.


     I highly recommend that MTA be added to your calendar next year - always takes place mid-March.  It is a very well attended event, so many like-minded people are there who dress funny, and you may just want to end up in a unit with new friends!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Charlotte Shoe Buckle - more colors!!!!

      Just wanted to make a quick post of the new colors I have in the shop of my Charlotte shoe buckles.  I am able to make small runs with my manufacturer as we have a great working relationship.  These new colors are gorgeous, and I have of course kept one of each for me!  So many colors, so many buckles!  I have choices, which I absolutely love.

Lavender on silver/gunmetal shown on American Duchess Dunmore shoes

Topaz on Kevin Garlick custom shoes using silk/wool Renaissance Fabrics on gold metal

Aquamarine on silver/gunmetal

Clear on gold metal

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

New Item - Hat Pins!

      I introduced a new product at the end of 2021; however, I haven't written about it and felt I needed to.  Some of my friends have said FINALLY! 

     When I first started my business, I found a person in California that made really strong 14-16 gauge hat pins.  I liked them so much, that I purchased 200.  As I got low in stock because they were very popular, the maker stopped making them.  There was no reason, no response, nothing.  My usual source of the 20-22 gauge hat pins that I decorate also went out of business.  I have had to really be creative in order to still offer a good hat pin.

     That is when I decided to have a hat pin manufactured to my specifications!  It took several months to get it coordinated, but it was finally done and all in my possession.

     This new hat pin can be used for anyone that wants to secure that hat - living history, reenactments, live action role play, costuming, equine shows, Red Hat Society, theatre, etc.  It is made of steel, is 7-1/2 inches long, and 1mm thick!

     These pins will be sold in my Etsy shop with select sutlers - currently Samson Historical!

     I am responsible for what I do and say as well as how I treat others.  Do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!

      I want to thank everyone for their support for me and my horses in 2021!  With all going on in the world, it is greatly appreciated.  We could not do it without you, and never take that for granted.  I think God rescued me by giving me the most amazing creatures to care for, and they get someone dedicated to their care.  My business is for them! 


 Me in the Paca House and Gardens

     May everyone reading this be blessed, have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!  May 2022 bring new friends, acquaintances, opportunities, peace, and love to all.


Nelson (December 2021)

Friday, December 10, 2021

Media - Muzzleloader Magazine

      Very appreciative of Muzzleloader Magazine The Publication for Traditional Blackpowder Shooters for mentioning my new fourth style watch in the November / December 2021 magazine!  You can see the article on pages 9 and 10 - in the Prime Possibles section where they review products.  I also included that section below!