Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Mindy Lou (Indifferent Dreams) - Summer 2023

     Many know that my summer has been spent treating an eye infection with my horse, Mindy Lou, that started with the pupil of her eye not dilating.  I noticed she was squinting her eye a lot and that wasn't normal.  Then she kept rubbing it, and it caused an ulcer, we would treat it and it would get better, but she then kept rubbing it and it caused an abscess which then turned into a fungal infection.  We think she has uveitis which we were to treat, but had to knock out the infection first.  She is the same horse that had an extensive abscess that required surgery in 2018. 

     Mindy is a very special horse as she is one of the great-great Granddaughters of Seattle Slew.  She has an amazing genealogy, but has developed suspensory breakdown in her hind fetlocks over the past few years.  I am keeping her comfortable by giving her Zilis Raw CBD on a daily basis.  She is 26 this year!

     After a little over a month of treating Mindy's eye for the ulcers, an infection developed which required a port put into the eye that has a tube coming out, is threaded under the skin on her forehead, and goes up over her fetlock.  That tube then snakes down her mane and has an injection port that medication is pushed into with syringes.  It makes it very easy to give the medications so that you know it gets into the eye.  At first, she had up to six types of medications going into her eye being given five to six times a day.  It has been quite an ordeal, but I have had amazing assistance and veterinarians to help Mindy and I get through it.

     About a month ago of this writing, Mindy didn't see me behind her while eating her hay, and I reached out to her and she kicked me.  I ended up in the E.R.  I did not have any broken bones, but had torn muscles and a lot of bruising.  I had one day off from giving medications, and was back at it the day after.  I have had only three days away from Mindy in all of this time.  I am still healing, and am better and better everyday.

     We are currently on the last week of three types of medications three times a day and then we stop and see how her eye does.  I have been treating her eye now for over 4 months.  As of today, her pupil is dilating, her eye is comfortable, the infection is gone, and just in time before my show at George Washington's Mount Vernon from 16-17 September. 

     I asked via social media for prayer for Mindy's eye, I was praying as well.  I asked God for a sign that her eye would be okay or was I wasting time and money trying to save it?  The worry was pretty stressful.  I have done this my entire life asking for signs or help with situations that I don't think I'm equipped to handle.  So, it is not something new to ask and wait.

     The sign did not come right away, but I was not disappointed and was given two just in case I didn't believe the first one!  The picture below was my first sign given to me on a Saturday.  There were storms all around the farm, and I was going to my car to get something and when I turned around, I saw the rainbow above her head.  I immediately took a photo as I knew it was my sign.  A weight came off of my shoulders, and I would not in anyway talk or think that she would not get better.  I trusted.  I also prayed for the vets to have the wisdom and knowledge on what to do for her to save the eye.

     I will do a follow-up on social media with photos of her without - what I call - her space suit!  Mindy's eye veterinarian is Dr. Catherine Nunnery of Equine Veterinary Vision for those who may read this and need one of the very best equine eye doctors in the United States.

      The visor she has on is made by EquiVisor and you can purchase padding and a fly cover for it because the visor and straps will rub on the skin.  They also have a lot of excellent products for the horse - including a fly mask that I have purchased for after the visor comes off.  The slinky/sleezy isn't really made for undoing it and redoing the velcro multiple times a day over and over again, but I liked it for the fabric as it breathes especially on extremely hot days that we have had (today was 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade).  You also know exactly where she is when going to give another dose of meds.  It is made by Perri's Leather that they call a mane/hood.  I had to purchase so many of them that they may be out of stock!  They truly only last a week or two when on all the time, and in field conditions.

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.


Sunday, August 6, 2023

Presentation on Tea at the Paca House and Gardens, 29 July 2023

      Was honored to be asked to give a presentation at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis on tea.  The content was based upon my book, Tea in 18th Century America.  

     This is the second time presenting on this topic, and it turned out to be an amazing experience with excellent feedback.  The event was also sold out!  We had an elegant intimate set-up, delicious food, and of course tea!  The Tea and Spice Exchange also provided us with free samples of loose tea as well to support the event.  Historic Annapolis put together a beautiful setting for  this tea.  They were wonderful, and many thanks to Dana and Janet - and everyone else that worked to put this together.

Starting the Presentation

I am unsure why I'm not smiling more, but just 2 weeks before this photo I was kicked by one of my horses, and then pulled down by another which tore some muscles and bruised me pretty badly - but nothing broken thank God!  So my stays are not fully closed, but now I know the beauty of stomacher gowns!


        The social aspects of tea includes the items needed to have tea which differs based upon your social status, taking tea and what they ate, when they drank tea, etc.  The below portrait is a favorite to show most of the items used for tea.  What I don't see there is a mote spoon but it could be on the tea board or assumed to be there.

 Still Life Tea Set by Jean Etienne Liotard dated 1781-83

      Before the tea, we went up to the passageway to check out the new floorcloth that replaced a carpet runner.  The floorcloth was made by Jennifer McKay Higgins Artwork.


Standing on the new floorcloth by Jen!


     Here are some photos of Gema (Mrs. Paca), Kerry (Mrs. Ogle), and Elizabeth (Mrs. Brice III).  Mrs. Paca welcomed them to her home for tea.  It was a very lovely afternoon.  Thank you to Dana and Elizabeth for taking the photos!

R-L - Kerry, Gema, and I

Mrs. Ogle talking with the guests

Mrs. Paca

 Elizabeth and I

Until next time!



Monday, July 10, 2023

4th of July at the Paca House and Gardens, Historic Annapolis

      Spent another 4th of July in Historic Annapolis at the Paca House and Gardens.  Arrived early to support our Mr. Paca presenting at a Naturalization Ceremony.  Congratulations to the new citizens!

     While waiting, I was able to get a photo with the President and CEO, Karen Theimer Brown.  Our group is always welcomed warmly.

     The day went by fast as we portrayed Mr. William Paca, myself (Mrs. Margaret Carroll the Barrister), Mrs. Mary Ogle Rideout, Mrs. Mary Clare McCubbin Brice, and Captain James Brice.  The year, of course, was 1776!  We had a wonderful time.

The ladies with Mr. Paca

 Trying the biscuits during tea with Mrs. Ogle and Mrs. Brice

The Dining Room and the amazing faux foods
Captain James Brice

Sarah and Mrs. Brice III

Mr. Paca talking with Mrs. Carroll the Barrister (me)

The group for this event

Me being silly with my brolly by Barrington Brolly

Photos by Ken Tom on behalf of Historic Annapolis, myself, and Elizabeth Bersche.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

George Washington's Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Reenactment 2023

      I'm extremely late in posting this.  I usually write up about my events for posterity pretty close to the actual event, and am finally settling back into regular life after the spring events to get this out there.

Photo of me by Elizabeth Bersche - Jacket by Sycamore Spring Clothier, umbrella by Barrington Brolly, Jewelry by Me, cap by Fashion's Revisited, and Hat by Fashionable Frolic on Etsy

     After spending the Fort Frederick Market Fair in the rain for a couple of days, drying out my canvas the few days I had before this next event, I was exhausted.  But the back-to-back events leading to the Mount Vernon Revolutionary War event is so worth the effort.  The events staff at Mount Vernon are really amazing people, and so helpful and accommodating.  The shop was set up and ready to go in record time with help from those friends who support me and my horses (and have stuck with me for a long time).  Those are the people that you know are in your life for a reason and a lifetime.  I have had others help for a season, and they ended up walking away due to their own issues.


Inside the shop on Friday before the event.  Photo by Elizabeth Bersche

      I wanted to thank everyone who stopped in to see me, and those who also purchased!  It is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted.  Here are a few photos from the event!

Our traditional photo with the General on Saturday - so blessed

Floyd settling in down at the farm area eating the most luscious grass

The ladies and I on Sunday

Right side of the shop

The sewing box with hand painted needle/pin cases (a unique gift only found in my shop)

My book on tea and a gorgeous necklace

Photo with my vintage fan

Me in a different light but you can see my shoes made custom by Anacronicos

Elizabeth - photo by Al Pochek

Necklaces offered in the shop - such a variety!

Watch string in the shop made by Michael Halbert

Elizabeth and Krista looking amazing!

Bill Buser riding Floyd as a von Heer Provost


Krista on Sunday in her IKEA gown

 Photo by Elizabeth Bersche, Krista Jasillo, and Al Pochek

Proverbs 3:5-6


Friday, April 14, 2023

Maryland Days in Historic Annapolis

      I spent the 1st of April of this year at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis. It was a rainy morning when I arrived, but the weather cleared up and allowed the sun to shine into the windows of the Parlor after I went inside.

     The living history program that I was there for linked with Maryland Days.  The official day of Maryland Days was 25 March; however, the museum sites in the Annapolis area decided to all celebrate it on 1 April.  This year was portrayed the year 1773.  We are continuing each year up to the 250th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence!  

     This year we had a member of the staff assist in the kitchen area as Sal who did an amazing job.  Our group was there as members of the Paca family, friends, associates, and we also had the governor with us.  Governor Robert Eden, Mrs. Bordley (me), and Mrs. Ogle were waiting on Mr. Paca to arrive back in order to play Whist.  Whist was a very popular game in the 18th century, very competitive and you needed a partner to play. 
      Mrs. Ogle, Governor Eden, and Mrs. Bordley (Krista, Harry, and Kim)

     We had a lovely day and then went out for drinks and dinner afterwards to the Rams Head Tavern - which is one of the favorite parts of doing interpretation or reenacting.  More photos below of the day!
     Governor Eden and Mr. Bordley (Harry and Kim)

Mrs. Ogle (Krista)

Showing off my shoe buckles and other jewelry all from my shop!

Mrs. Paca (Gema)

Sal and Sarah (Rose and Carolyn)

All photos by the Annapolis Living Historians who you can find on Facebook!



Friday, March 31, 2023

Having Tea with Martha Washington at George Washington's Mount Vernon 2023

      Every year it is a tradition to dress up in my 18th century living history clothing, buy a ticket for tea with Lady Washington at Mount Vernon.  Several of us sync up, buy the tickets, and all sit together and enjoy the wonderful food, tea, and conversation.

     I went again earlier this month of March 2023, and it never disappoints.  I highly recommend everyone go at least once.  This year we decided to dress in late 1770's and into the 80's clothing.  Photos as usual below! 

Shane, Elizabeth, Kerry, Gema, Lady Washington, and me

My gown and quilted petticoat were made by Verdanta 
Jewelry by me

     I did introduce the reproduction Martha Washington shoes made by Rose Galante (Etsy) to the reproductions on display of their original shoes worn by Martha based upon the originals in the collections.