Monday, July 8, 2024

The 4th of July at the Paca House and Gardens, Historic Annapolis

      Spent my 4th of July at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis with the Annapolis Living Historians.  It was 1776 again!

     Mr. Paca is just back from Philadelphia after the delegates agreed that they would sign a declaration to King George III to separate from Great Britian.  In July 1776, Mr. Paca did not return to Annapolis on the 4th; however, for our interpretation, we have him in his home.  Here are some photos from the event!

In the Hall with Karen Theimer Brown, President & CEO of Historic Annapolis, and Mr. Paca

Mrs. Lloyd (wearing the new reproduction earrings soon to be in the shop!)

Mr. Brice and Mrs. Carroll (we are the lead for the group)

Mrs. Carroll of Carrollton, Mrs. Carroll the Barrister, Miss Baldwin, Mrs. Lloyd, and Mrs. Ridout awaiting Mr. Paca's arrival

Mrs. Carroll of Carrolton, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Carroll of Carrollton

The group together on the bridge over the pond in the gardens

Mr. Paca and Mr. Brice

Mrs. Brice III, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Carroll the Barrister, Miss Baldwin, and Mrs. Carroll of Carrollton

Mrs. Ridout

On the new floorcloth painted by Jennifer McKay Higgins Artwork

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Mr. Paca, me, and Mr. Brice

My Belle shoe buckles on Rose Galante silk shoes and the floor cloth by Jennifer McKay Higgins Artwork

Mrs. Brice III, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Carroll of Carrollton


Monday, May 27, 2024

The American Miracle Movie

      A new movie is coming out in 2025 that I'm very excited for!  It is called, The American Miracle.  I often have costume designers, actors, living historians or reenactors that have purchased my jewelry.  I never know how someone will wear the things they purchase or if my jewelry will ever make it into a shot when a production company purchases. 


     In this case, my friend Kelly Shippey, as Martha Washington, is wearing a pair of my early reproduction Martha Washington earrings that she owns.  You can just see them in the screen shot with her real-life husband, Daniel Shippey, who is portraying George Washington.  


     You can watch a trailer at this link.  

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Revolutionary War Weekend at George Washington's Mount Vernon - 4-5 May 2024

      Put together the blog post for Fort Fred, and now we must have a second for Rev War weekend!  This year it was rainy both days, but wasn't that bad.  It is rain, it is wet, it means wet canvas to dry out afterwards - but getting together with friends and participating lends to a camaraderie with those who brave to participate and attend.

      After having been at the Fort Frederick Market Fair the weekend before, we were tired but ready to set up again at Mount Vernon.  I'm one of the original sutlers that sell for this weekend, and possibly the closest to live nearby.

     While it was raining, we mainly had more of drizzle and mist than consistent downpours.  My petticoats and gowns got wet and muddy on the hems, but they can be cleaned and dried (and now are).

     More photos as usual of us at the event.  Thank you to Elizabeth Bersche again for the photos!


Krista promoting the shop!

Elizabeth Bersche

With Michael Halbert - he makes the watch strings in my shop

Michael, Gema, Shane, and Krista checking out the sites and camps (yes Michael was two different people on-site during the weekend)

The shop was ready for the rain, and the awning was pinned up and under the roof of the tent to keep it from dripping water inside.  I find clothes pins perfect for this.

Krista playing in the garden in the rain, an excellent capture!  Like a mythical sprite having fun.

No idea what I was laughing at, but needed the respite from the day. I did not get out to the camps nor other sutlers away from the gardens.
Gema and Shane
I absolutely love flowers, and being by the gardens always makes me happy!


Fort Frederick Market and Fair - 24-28 April 2024

      I'm finally able to write about the market fair after getting settled back in from back to back shows - the first being the Fort Frederick Market and Fair in Big Pool, Maryland and the second Revolutionary War weekend at George Washington's Mount Vernon.  We saw rain for both days at Mount Vernon, and the tent is finally dried and put away.

      I am blessed to be a sutler at both of these events, have great friends that come in to help me, and truly appreciate all of the people who came by to shop, see me and the ladies, and tell me how much they love the memes I post on my Facebook page! LOL

A great view of one side of the shop.  I am working on new displays, and trying to go a bit more vertical.  It is hard to do in a tent in the configuration of how I want it set up!

       The market fair this year had about 92 different sutlers in addition to the campers, and blanket traders.  There used to be so many more, and I am praying that it builds up again to pre-COVID sutler participation.  It is always fun looking at what everyone is selling, and deciding on what you may need or want to purchase.  A great reason to sell at and shop in person is to see the product first hand, and purchase things you didn't know you needed!  Market Fair is a must do for those who participate in 18th century costuming, living history, and reenacting - or if you want to decorate your home with some wonderful handmade items.

Krista, Kerry, and I in front the shop - the awning clearly not ready for the Saturday rain - but does keep the sun off of the cases which can heat up the metal.

     I wanted to share a few photos of the shop, and the ladies with you as usual.  The event went very well, with rain only on Saturday.  I purchased a new add on awning off the front of the shop (as you can see in the above photo) so that rain didn't come inside as it did last year.  I have a waterproof floor cloth inside the shop so that I do not get a lot of moisture from the ground particularly in the morning.  Many thanks to Tent Smiths for coming over and measuring for me last year, and providing a great piece.  

     This is a four day event, so you will see us in a variety of clothing!


Above - A style watch chain that I make and offer in the shop - this one customized for me, and with my #3 watch.  I will be working on making watches again this year.  The little teapot charm, coin, keys, and seals are also available in my Etsy shop!

Photo taken by Harry Aycock

 Krista promoting Muzzleloader!

Wondering what's for lunch.

Photo of Krista by Harry Aycock

With my newly bound book of music by Sullivan Press

The gentlemen visiting the shop.

With Elizabeth, Gema, me, and Kerry
Gema looking like a portrait of Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Gainsborough



Showing Patrick Bratton the shoe buckle offering (photo by Gwen Bratton)

     Many thanks for the photos go to Elizabeth Bersche, Harry Aycock, Krista and me.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Maryland Days, Historic Annapolis 2024

      Every March, Maryland celebrates its history.  This year Maryland Days was on 23 March.  We had a full house participating with the Annapolis Living Historians.

     The ALH are working their way up to the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which will be in 2026.  So this year, 2024 is 1774 for interpretation.  What this means for our group is our Mrs. Mary Chew Paca passed away in January of 1774, so we will not have a Mrs. Paca in attendance until after July 2026.  


Mrs. Calvert, Mrs. Lloyd, and Mrs. Carroll (Carrollton)

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ogle

Mrs. Lloyd

Mrs. Carroll (her husband is of Carrollton)

I am portraying Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Carroll (her husband is the Barrister)

Mrs. Carroll (the Barrister), His Excellency Governor Eden, and Mrs. Paca

Mrs. Sarah Bowen, Housekeeper to Mrs. Carroll (Barrister)

Mr. Johnson, His Excellency Governor Eden, and Mr. Paca

The group assembled (Mrs. Brice III is not pictured)

Mrs. Chase

Mrs. Brice III

Photos taken by Elizabeth Bersche