Thursday, February 11, 2016

Medieval and Renaissance Jewelry

     I have been delving into portraits and prints of earlier times to find inspiration for pieces as well as offerings for those who interpret the Renaissance or participate in Ren Faires.  I have been successful with finding - MORE PEARLS - but I have also found designs that I often see in the 18th and even 19th centuries!  As I continue my research into these time periods, and also for a blog post on necklaces that I am writing, so many things come to light just in portraiture on how designs came in and out of fashion. 

     Looking at the above example, you can see red coral or possibly carnelian.  She also seems to have a flower sprig in her hair that could also possibly be a carved piece.  This was popular again in the late 18th and into the early 19th Century.  You can see the full portrait on my Pinterest page.

     Henrietta is wearing earrings that we also see in the 1780's with the long hoops and large pearls, a portrait miniature, and pearls.

     You can check out my Pinterest boards to think about certain looks you want to achieve in your historical, costume, or living history dress and then my Etsy shop to buy it.  I also assist with providing advice and assistance if you aren't sure.