Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Washington Mourning Buttons

     For those who are not following me on Facebook, I have been able to purchase a rare pair of George Washington Mourning sleeve buttons (or cuff links).  I won these at auction.  The story is they were found near Sackets Harbor, New York.  The village of Sackets Harbor was the site of two battles during the War of 1812.  The original buttons would have been made at the end of 1799 and early 1800 to memorialize Washington - many things were made for that purpose.  Someone lost these possibly during that battle but we will never know.  Fate has it that I now have them, and have sent them off as I will be making reproductions for you.

     A pre-order listing is now available in my Etsy shop for those interested. They will be made in brass and sterling silver for a set (which includes two pair).  Make your order now to be some of the first to have these amazing buttons.  If interested in just loose buttons, please e-mail me.

     There are LOT of new items in stock, so please stop by my Etsy shop to take a look with a cup of tea and a few cookies to make the experience even more pleasurable!

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