Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Jewelry on AMC's TURN, Washington's Spies - Season 2 and 3

     I have a client, Anna Gorka, ask about my jewelry worn on AMC's TURN, Washington's Spies. The Black Petticoat Society, a TURN Washington's Spies Devotee Association has highlighted my jewelry in giveaways for the entire Season 3 of the show.  I am so honored and blessed to be a member!  

     What I have not done is gone through each show yet to save photos of the jewelry the actresses are wearing to see if they are mine, but I have attempted to gather some still photos to show you. 

     I specialize in making one of a kind pieces, or finding vintage and antique jewelry that emulates the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries styles of jewelry.  So, it isn't always possible to recreate something that TURN decided to use in their show.  I have made reproductions and historically inspired pieces that can be made into quantity (as I do for the Colonial Williamsburg - Mary Dickenson and/or William Pit Stores, or in the auctions), so if you see something you like in the show and want it, just find me on Facebook (K. Walters at the Sign of the Gray Horse) and private message a photo to me or e-mail me at kimberlywalters@comcast.net.

Peggy Shippen wearing my gold bow and champagne pearls

     TURN purchased quite a bit of jewelry for Season 2, and they do a good job with the continuity to Season 3 with many of my pieces.  I also know that they modified some of what they purchased with different techniques to achieve what they wanted for the shot or scene by using antiquing techniques, adding cabochons, taking things apart and remodeling them, etc.  All of which I was cool with them doing.

     It is really awesome and somewhat surreal to see my creations on television, but I am so grateful for their finding me and to Donna Zakowska, the Season 2 costume designer, for being so gracious and knowing exactly what she was looking for.  She gave me the highest compliments for having the eye for making reproduction pieces that were perfect and she need not go anywhere else for what she was looking for.