Monday, July 18, 2016

The 4th of July and my gown made from IKEA fabric

I spent the 4th of July at the Paca House and Gardens in Historic Annapolis.  I love this town and the house museum. Such a wonderful time surrounded by excellent living historians who just so happened to all be men!  We had a steady stream of visitors who came in after the naturalization ceremony.

Sitting at my reproduction antique table in the Paca House and Garden's Parlor

     It was a wonderful day to wear my compiere front blue floral gown and matching petticoat made by Sarah Haynes Cowan of The Silly Sisters.  This masterpiece was made with IKEA blue and white floral cotton fabric (it is now discontinued but is named ROSMARIE) and fabric covered buttons down the front - which is not false by the way - it is a working front with button holes.  

Trying on the gown for fit

Back of the gown - I am wearing a very small hip roll with this gown

     This cotton gown is so versatile, but excellent for the hotter summer months.  For the 4th, I decided to wear jewelry that I sell in my shop.  To start I have on sapphire paste and south sea shell pearl teardrop earrings, a white glass choker to match, an appropriate watch chain with 18th century original watch, and had pinned over my heart a miniature of my first Gray Horse, Southern Belle.  The rings on my fingers also matched - of course! 

     I paired it with a lovely cap made with antique dotted Swiss fabric (also by Sarah) that is a replica of a lace cap worn by Martha Washington.  If you look at my shoes, I'm wearing the original "Charlotte" Shoe Buckles.

Original "Charlotte" Shoe Buckles on a pair of Burnley & Trowbridge Ladies 18th century walking shoes

With Matt West as Mr. William Paca

The three gentlemen - Jim McGaughey, Matt West, and Earl Shibe