Monday, November 7, 2016

Holiday Ad 2016

     Eliza Vincz of the Ministers of Apollo and Early American Music and Arts wears the Gray Horse Swarovski Crystal hair pearls, Sterling Silver vintage crystal double drop earrings, and an elaborate Georgian collet necklace with riviere-like settings.  The crystals in the necklace and earrings are vintage from the 1930's!  The topaz and clear crystal were recommended as they go with just about anything and everything.  She is also wearing a pair of my Charlotte Shoe Buckles.  The original pieces she wears to honor those who owned them before are the brooch on her gown and her ring.

Charlotte Shoe Buckles - original on the top, reproduction on the bottom

Close-up of the jewelry and Eliza's amazing hair that she affectionately calls "Wigzilla."

Full length view of Eliza - she is at Fort Ticonderoga