Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Charlotte Buckle Blowout!

     Every year in March, I will have a "Buckle Blowout" sale! This year is the first, and we will start with the first buckle I have offered - THE CHARLOTTE.  This is a buy one pair and get another pair for $10!

     They are available in clear, emerald, olivine, garnet, sapphire, and rose as well as variations in citrine/clear, montana blue/clear, garnet/clear, amethyst/clear, and emerald/clear.  

Coupon codes are ~

BLOWN for the clear (a $30 savings)

BLOWN2 for all colors or with color (a $35 savings)

Photo by Molly Picture Studio Photography

Colors that are available are Garnet, Sapphire, Olivine, Emerald, and Rose

Citrine and Clear

Montana Blue/Clear

Clear with Red bows (also available with Emerald and/or Amethyst bows)