Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The "Marquis" Knee Buckles

     The samples of the "Marquis" paste knee buckles came in, and I must say I am very delighted!  These are based upon one owned by me.  The sample that I used was actually much smaller, almost one for a doll or baby, that I upsized.  I have done this before with my Turquoise and Ruby Flower Cluster Forget Me Not Ring.  

The Marquis in Antiqued Gold

     They turned out wonderful.  The photo shoot uses a pair of breeches that are slightly off-white.  The prongs for these buckles are not as sharp as others I have seen, so depending on the thickeness of the fabric, holes may have to be made.  If the fabric is extremely thin, such as silk, a small reinforcement in the back may have to be made to the knee band.  

The Marquis in antiqued gold with a pair of the Antiqued Gold Dandridge Shoe buckles

The Marquis in Antiqued Silver with the Silver Dandridge Shoe buckles

The Marquis in Silver with the Silver Dandridge Shoe buckles

These buckles will be in the shop and for sale in the next few weeks.  The link to my shop is in the upper left hand corner of this website, SignoftheGrayHorse on Etsy.