Sunday, December 2, 2018

Announcing the "Eden" 18th Century Reproduction Shoe Buckles

     One of the things I love to do is take an original piece and have it recreated.  While my workshop doesn't allow pouring the metals, I am able to engineer and work with a manufacturer to recreate these wonderful works of art from the past.  

     I purchased an oxidized and rusted buckle that I knew had potential to come back to life.  While it wasn't worth much to anyone today, it was worth everything to me.  Someone either had this style buckle made, or it was made and worn by someone who loved it.  Either way, I fell in love with what it could become again.

     So, here is the Eden shoe buckle.  When I looked at this buckle, I saw flowers, a wreath, what looked like snakes coming together in the center, and I thought immediately of the Garden of Eden from biblical history.  I also thought of Governor Robert Eden and his wife, Caroline Calvert Eden as I lead a group of living historians in Historic Annapolis.  Here is what they look like!  

     These will be in the shop in the next couple of weeks.