Sunday, December 9, 2018

Historic Annapolis Winter Talk Series 2019


     I was honored to be asked to do a presentation on jewelry for the Historic Annapolis Winter Talk Series.  Will be presenting twice!

     The first will focus on jewelry, hair, and make-up in the time of Mrs. Mary Chew Paca - 1763-1774.  It is currently scheduled for 26 January 2019.  We hope to be able to talk about the influences on her life from family, friends, and overall society with my focus on jewelry.  I will bring original pieces from my collection, to include some I have used for my reproduction pieces.

     I will be with Eliza Leigh Vincz of noted Silk and Sass.  Historic Annaoplis is excited to have her demonstrating how the ladies of the time had their hair dressed, talk about receipts for cosmetics from the time, and also putting on that make-up!

     Second up is on 23 February.  Several of us were asked back for the "Dressing 18th Century" presentation.  This past year, we were in a packed room!  You can read about that here.  Next year, we will add a men's portion to this that will be presented by Jane Pease.  

Dressing Nicki Foronda were myself (background) and Kerry McClure (in the silk gown)