Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Martha Washington Dove Brooch

     I was asked by a special client that portrays Martha Washington across the country to recreate the Martha Washington Dove brooch. The original was seed pearls set on a mother of pearl backing and was supposedly purchased in 1787.  The Dove of Peace can be worn anywhere and anytime.  It can be seen at the George Washington's Mount Vernon website.

Original Pin

     I was given a photo of a reproduction revival pin.  I am unsure of the provenance of it, I checked with an assistant curator at Mount Vernon, Amanda Issac, to see if it came from the Washington's or was made afterwards.  It wasn't verified as a Washington piece (below).

So I worked with my manufacturer to come up with a reproduction of the inspired piece.  It turned out wonderfully!  It will be offered soon in the shop.  Being the overachiever that I am, the samples I received are in a silver, antiqued silver, and gold.  I'll have all three styles, but the main style will be in the silver to emulate the original.