Sunday, February 17, 2019

New Exclusive Pocket Watch - Something for your 18th and 19th Century Impressions

     I spent quite a bit of time on the development of this next watch.  It has been a process, especially working with a manufacturer who makes for those in the 21st century.  Those of us today want lightweight, small, and thin watches - but those of us who reenact well, we want heavy, big, and thick pocket watches!  My first version was heavy, this one not so much.

Concept Drawing

     With that in mind, I did a compromise for my second watch.  These are just as large as my last one (which is sold out by the way), but they are a little thinner and lightweight.  I did this on purpose - it will serve both living historians and reenactors who want a watch to wear for two time periods - 18th and 19th century...  


     These watches are about 2 inches wide, and have a unique face that is after an original I found on-line.  I wanted the very same look, and I was not disappointed in what was developed for me.  



     This watch does not have a second hand.  This version has special hands made just for my shop, and emulate originals of the time.  I decided not to go with the same hands on the original watch in order to do something a little more fancy.  It can be worn for both centuries - I would suggest from the 1770's on up into the late 19th century.  Ladies of the Regency and Federalist eras can wear these at their waist with ease as they are lightweight, gentleman who do not want the heaviness in their fob (pocket) have no fears.  I have articles that I have written here and here on how to wear your watch properly.  I also have a Pinterest board with portraits and prints with watches, and I highly suggest the book How the Watch Was Worn: A Fashion for 500 Years by Genevieve Cummings to get just the right look.  I have this book (among others) so if you need any information, just let me know.

Gold and silver versions

     Pre-orders are now open in my shop, and this run of watches will be limited to 100 in dark gold and 100 in silver.  Get them while you can, as they will not be made with this face again (just as my first watches will not be made again).  Development of my next watch will start soon as I anticipate these to go fast.  You can never have too many watches.