Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Military Thru the Ages, Jamestown Settlement, Virginia

     I was grateful to be invited to the Military Thru the Ages 2019 timeline event this past weekend.  I had a great time, and am thankful to everyone who came in to say hello as well as supposed the horses!  

Wearing my riding habit in the shop on Saturday

Kerry McClure, Dr. Lynn Price, and I

Appreciate Mark Schneider coming in to see me and inquire about Nelson!

Meredith LaBoon wearing a pair of my Georgian Crystal Bow and South Sea Shell Pearl
Earrings in 1940's attire

Dr. Lynn Price and I in the shop

Kerry McClure, Dr. Lynn Price, and I in the shop

Wearing my Penny River Costuming embroidered wool mitts

Travelling Nelson and Belle in the shop - they were made by Vibrant Clay and Jewelry

Dr. Price with Travelling Nelson and Belle by the ships in the settlement -
finally was able to walk down to the ships!

The second hut in the Indian Village honoring the memory of James Goucher 
who loved this event - we raised a glass in his honor on Sunday