Friday, October 9, 2020

Fall 2020

      This year has certainly been odd, and had its challenges.  In-person events have been cancelled, and gatherings have been restricted to very limited numbers.  As therapeutics are coming out to help people, and a vaccine imminent for those who will take it, I am praying that we will start to see things to back to normal.  

     I have been busy over the past couple of months.  Mount Vernon held their Market Fair in September!  The weather was great, and the show very successful.  Thank you to everyone who came out and visited my shop.  

Looking at the mansion house on Saturday during the show - jacket by Verdanta

Traditional photo with His Excellency General Washington!

With Krista Jasillo - taking a break

My new riding habit by Beau Robbins - turned out spectacular!  I hope to wear it
again very soon


     I also visited Colonial Williamsburg a week or so ago.  It is always nice to get down to the city and visit.  The hospitality is always lovely.

Showing off my new handmade custom 18th century boots by Kevin Garlick.  I walked about in these for 6 hours and they were absolutely perfectly comfortable!

Showing off the detail of my riding habit by Sycamore Spring Clothier - Shirt buckle available in my shop in multiple colors!

Full length photo of my outfit - a copy from the print "Shooting Pony" dated about 1780 (below) - I do need to find a fabric that has the embroidery on it for the petticoat!  Hat by Erik and Eliza Lichack of Early American Music and Arts

Shooting Pony" dated about 1780

Had to get a few minutes of horse time while there!

They always know a horse person!  :-)