Saturday, December 5, 2020

Proud Mary - The Roxton Family Saga by Lucinda Brandt

      I had the pleasure of working with Lucinda Brant on the jewelry for her new book covers for the Roxton Family Saga.  She also wrote the Foreward in my Tea in 18th Century America book).


     Before I could actually visualize the jewelry I needed to make, I had to read the books.  To save some time, I actually listened to them while driving to and from the farm, or while making jewelry at my work table.  I was so glad that they were also offered in audio books.  So convenient!  I must say, I couldn't wait for to listen to the next book.  I went through withdrawal when I finished the last one!  But, it was then time to get to work, and Lucinda and I collaborated to come up with some pretty spectacular jewelry!


     For the book, Proud Mary, I was asked to make an equipage/etui (or chatelaine as we know it today).  Many who know me understand that I own several original watch chains/ equipage/etui from the 18th and 19th centuries.  I study them in order to make reproductions of which I am getting better at doing.  For Lucinda's book cover to look correct, I kind of insisted on an original if I could find it affordably - and Lucinda left it to my vision to create.  On occasion original chains come available at an affordable price - especially if they are not in the best condition at auction.

Chain details after I fixed it.  So many gorgeous details.

     Many would not believe that the equipage on the book cover is not the one that I found in France.  The photo above shows it missing arms, links, and swivel clips.  Looking at the right side of the photo are connectors that I found that would blend well with the originals, but I had to age them.

Chain before aging the connectors

After aging them

All connected
     The etui case is also original, but not to the chain.  It matched it perfectly as if it found its long lost companion.  I was lucky to find it in at auction in England.  It is empty, but would have possibly held folding scissors, tweezers, a lead pencil, connected ivory writing leaves, a snuff spoon, and a bodkin - but that could have been based upon the owner's preferences.

     So why did we create this equipage with silver elements to it?  Well, you must read the book!  ;-)  I can tell you that this project helped me grow as a jeweler, and Lucinda brought that experience to me.  I was so proud of the end result, and that it is now in her hands and on the cover of her book forever is a beautiful thing.

     Mary's pearl jewelry - also worn by Deborah on Midnight Marriage - is available at this link to my Etsy shop.  I also carry sash buckles as she is wearing in the buckles area of the shop.


     If you get down to this point, please check out the post about the creation of the book cover on Lucinda's page.