Monday, June 21, 2021

Important Information on the Handling of the Exclusive Watches from my Shop

     Good Day everyone!  A public service announcement.

     I have had a few clients come directly to me regarding their watch and its use. I have created a diagram of the watch so that you understand exactly what I am talking about below.


     These watches, as well as any others on the market, are NOT indestructible.  They are heavy and hardy, but depending on how they are handled, they can be broken!  Please do not blame me and the quality of the watch if you break it (yes, I have had insults and threats which just isn't cool).  If you are honest and let me know, I can work with you on a discount for another. 

     1.  IF you purchase your watch from another company that resells them, do not come to me and insult me if you break your watch - especially months and years after purchase.  Please go back to that company and they will work with you (and me) on the issue.  Also, honor the return policy of an item.  Guarantees are not in perpetuity even if I wish they were.

      2.  The manufacturer puts in a new watch battery, and I turn the watch off when I receive them to preserve the battery.  If you receive it and it stops a few months after purchase for whatever reason, replace it.  They can be purchased via Amazon, your local drug or grocery store, etc., in quantity for very little, and why I created the watch so that we can change it ourselves.  If you are not sure how to do that, take it to a place that can change it for you.  No, the watch battery should not stop after a few months of purchase, but it has happened - once - to my knowledge.  The watch battery is "SR626SW" or "Energizer 377."

     3.  If you drop it, it can break.  If you drop something on it, it can shatter the crystal (glass). 

     4.  If you pull too hard on the crown, you can loosen it from the stem.  It is not a winding stem or winder, it is just used to set the time, turn it on or turn it off.  Yes, it will just spin as if it was.  It is battery operated, and a gentle pull to where you feel the "give" UP will turn it OFF and set the watch hands (push gently DOWN to turn it on) and again to turn it OFF (pull gently up).  Don't yank it needlessly.

     5. If you wear your watch in a pocket as most men do, and consistently yank it out by the ribbon or chain you have it secured to, it can affect the bow and stem and possibly either break it or come loose.  I recommend putting your fingers around the watch and pulling it out of the pocket as is proper. Respect the piece.

     6.  Do not over turn or over twist the stem itself as it can break or break things on the inside as well. 

     As with anything we own, proper care and handling is needed. 


Back of the watch - twists off and the battery is in the very center of the case.