Saturday, November 12, 2022

Fall Festival 2022 at George Washington's Mount Vernon

      I was invited to join the Horses in Action Foundation reenacting group at George Washington's Mount Vernon this year for the Fall Festival!  I was there with the 1st Regiment of Dragoons Revolutionary War.  The leaves were already turning and made the farm area of the site absolutely beautiful.


Erica and her husband, Brian

Jo Jo, Brian's horse, has SASS!  She was full of attitude. 

Standing next to Jo-Jo who could have cared less that I was there.  Gown 
and cap by The Silly Sisters (Sarah Haynes Cowan)

     I wasn't able to get many photos since I was talking to the public about tea.  I was very appreciative of Erica Mulcahy asking me to attend since as she said, "I wrote the book about tea!"  It was a lovely two days with some rain that came in on Sunday just as we were wrapping things up.

Very basic tea equipage that is all mix-matched for the farm 
with ginger small cakes - it worked perfectly
Krista, Erica, and myself raising a glass to friends (well in Krista's case the bottle!)
     The site, as usual, was welcoming.  We were not fancy, since we were in the farm area, but we were able to talk to the levels of society and the tea equipage they may - or may not - have had.  The visitors were very engaged and asked a lot of questions.
We had some representative foods on the table just to show the types in 
the time from an apple pudding (with coffin lid), sugared orange slices, 
ham, cheese, nuts, dried apples, and biscuits

     I did wear, on the first day, my gentry riding habit in which to show off the clothing for the public.  It was the first time I was wearing it, and I love the way it turned out.  The weskit is Renaissance silk brocade, the neckcloth was hand stamped by the Virginia Floorcloth and Textiles company for those who may like to get one.  Jewelry from my shop.

A close up!  The earrings are vintage with Pegasus on them. Death head buttons

The Full Riding habit.  Hat by George Franks