Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Yuletide in Historic Annapolis

      It has now been several years since I started to volunteer in Historic Annapolis, and most particularly lead a group of living historians at the Paca House and Gardens on Prince George Street.

       I'm a little late in writing this for the Yuletide program that took place on 3 December 2022.  The holidays are hectic, and I like to take my time with my articles.


    This year, Mr. and Mrs. William Paca (above) welcomed several guests.  They included Governor and Mrs. Robert Eden, the former governor Colonel Horatio Sharpe, Mrs. Samuel Ogle, Mrs. John Beale Bordley, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll the Barrister, and Mrs. John Brice, III (below).


     It was December 1772, and so many things were taking place.  As it was the holidays, our group focused on the time of year which included parties, balls, and leads up to the 12 days of Christmas.  Our group is following the timeline to the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution of 1776.  Next year it is 1773 and that means several things leading up to 2026 for our group as several of our character either passed away, or left for England.  

      Mrs. Paca and her sister, Mrs. Bordley, were able to work with the housekeeper and cook to have a number of delicacies made for the guests.  The table was dressed in the most lovely manner.  Historic Annapolis has an amazing array of faux foods to help bring the house to life.


Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Eden, Mrs. Bordley, and Mrs. Brice, Jr. freshening up before the party.

The Eden's, Mrs. Brice, III., and Mrs. Ogle, were in the parlor playing cards.  I wonder who is winning?

 Colonel Sharpe made a guest appearance for a short time visiting with the Paca's and is here talking with Mr. and Mrs. Carroll.

 Mrs. Paca listening to the musicians that Mr. Paca hired for the party.


Photo with all of my bling!  
Pet n Lair made by Sarah Haynes Cowan (The Silly Sisters)
Neclace and earrings are vintage Kenneth J. Lane, Let them Eat Cake 1960's
Bracelets are vintage 1950's
Rings are all from my personal collection including one that looks like Princess Diana's wedding ring
Shoes made by Kevin Garlick
Wig made by The Wig Dresser (no longer in business) 

All photos were taken by Ken Tom on behalf of Historic Annapolis.

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