Thursday, December 28, 2023

Christmas Illuminations - George Washington's Mount Vernon - 15 to 16 December 2023

      I was honored again to be asked to sell my jewelry at Christmas Illuminations.  While it is December, and it is usually cold - we were lucky this year with mild weather.  We were due some rain on Sunday, and that makes for wet canvas since my shop is set up in canvas!  So I did not stay for Candlelight Tours on Sunday.

     As usual, we had a really great event!  Aladdin the camel was there again, we also had the Pinch 'Em Slyly Tavern set up next door run by Jen Tousey along with Sage & Folly run by Sage Tousey, and was one of 12 sutlers on the 12-acre field.  Both nights were sold out.

     I am thankful to Elizabeth Berche for the amazing photos, and to Krista, Kerry, Elizabeth, and Gema for all of your help setting up, selling, and tearing down.  The evening event has quite a few people coming in, and I am grateful for the help!

     Photos are intermingled with me wearing the green stripe riding habit on Friday, and the red wool gown on Sunday.

Jen Tousey and I in the tavern.

 Krista, Jen, Gema, and I in front of the mansion.

Gema looking amazing as usual!



 Gema and I outside the Tavern.  We arrive in the afternoon so that those coming in to visit the property can shop if they so desire.

The 18th Century Thug Life.  LOL

Watching the fireworks that is the finale of the event.  All of the trees, gardens, and mansion are lit up in multiple colors - it is truly magical.