Sunday, April 7, 2024

Maryland Days, Historic Annapolis 2024

      Every March, Maryland celebrates its history.  This year Maryland Days was on 23 March.  We had a full house participating with the Annapolis Living Historians.

     The ALH are working their way up to the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which will be in 2026.  So this year, 2024 is 1774 for interpretation.  What this means for our group is our Mrs. Mary Chew Paca passed away in January of 1774, so we will not have a Mrs. Paca in attendance until after July 2026.  


Mrs. Calvert, Mrs. Lloyd, and Mrs. Carroll (Carrollton)

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ogle

Mrs. Lloyd

Mrs. Carroll (her husband is of Carrollton)

I am portraying Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Carroll (her husband is the Barrister)

Mrs. Carroll (the Barrister), His Excellency Governor Eden, and Mrs. Paca

Mrs. Sarah Bowen, Housekeeper to Mrs. Carroll (Barrister)

Mr. Johnson, His Excellency Governor Eden, and Mr. Paca

The group assembled (Mrs. Brice III is not pictured)

Mrs. Chase

Mrs. Brice III

Photos taken by Elizabeth Bersche