Sunday, May 12, 2024

Revolutionary War Weekend at George Washington's Mount Vernon - 4-5 May 2024

      Put together the blog post for Fort Fred, and now we must have a second for Rev War weekend!  This year it was rainy both days, but wasn't that bad.  It is rain, it is wet, it means wet canvas to dry out afterwards - but getting together with friends and participating lends to a camaraderie with those who brave to participate and attend.

      After having been at the Fort Frederick Market Fair the weekend before, we were tired but ready to set up again at Mount Vernon.  I'm one of the original sutlers that sell for this weekend, and possibly the closest to live nearby.

     While it was raining, we mainly had more of drizzle and mist than consistent downpours.  My petticoats and gowns got wet and muddy on the hems, but they can be cleaned and dried (and now are).

     More photos as usual of us at the event.  Thank you to Elizabeth Bersche again for the photos!


Krista promoting the shop!

Elizabeth Bersche

With Michael Halbert - he makes the watch strings in my shop

Michael, Gema, Shane, and Krista checking out the sites and camps (yes Michael was two different people on-site during the weekend)

The shop was ready for the rain, and the awning was pinned up and under the roof of the tent to keep it from dripping water inside.  I find clothes pins perfect for this.

Krista playing in the garden in the rain, an excellent capture!  Like a mythical sprite having fun.

No idea what I was laughing at, but needed the respite from the day. I did not get out to the camps nor other sutlers away from the gardens.
Gema and Shane
I absolutely love flowers, and being by the gardens always makes me happy!