Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Book of Cookery by A Lady

I wanted to make a posting regarding my book.  It has its own page on my website (here), but it should be noted that the following historic sites are currently selling it.  

Virginia ~
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Gadsby's Tavern Museum, Historic Alexandria, Virginia
The Lyceum, Historic Alexandria, Virginia
Prince William County Preservation, Brentsville, Virginia

Maryland ~
Historic Annapolis, Maryland
Mount Clare Museum House, Baltimore, Maryland

Pennsylvania ~
Washington Crossing Historic Park, Pennsylvania
Fort Pitt Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fort Ligonier, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

If you have not received or purchased this book yet, support the site you are visiting which helps my rescued horses.  If you do not see it in their bookstore, ask for it by name and recommend that they carry it.  You can also purchase it from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com.  I would ask if you have purchased it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, if you could leave a review as a verified purchaser?  That would go a long way to also promote my work.

For those Historic Sites or Bookstores that are interested in carrying my book, just contact me at kimberlywalters@comcast.net for rates.  My publisher is Ingram.