Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cuff Links also known as Sleeve Buttons

     I finally have in stock all of my reproduction sleeve buttons (or cuff links) made from originals that I have in my possession.  They are just amazing.  I own one pair (the Washington mourning buttons), and my friend, Kerry McClure, owns the other pairs.  What a wonderful view of the past and what they wore on their sleeves!  
Front and backs of originals from the Thames

Front and backs of original Washington mourning buttons

     My cuff links have been highlighted in Muzzleloader Magazine to show the variety that I offer, and now I can provide a link to the past.  The reproductions are cast as many were in the early days.  These can be worn for everyday wear, or for your living history and cosplay needs up into the 20th century!

     I have written about this topic before, but cannot provide much more information than Ms. Rivers does in her article "Linked Buttons, Cufflinks, and Studs."   I like that she also goes into detail about how they can be worn also at the neck using one pair, and shows how they are worn on the shift sleeve.  

     The listings on Etsy for my cuff links also show other portraits and prints on how they were worn.  My reproductions are shown below and are offered in brass or sterling silver. Prices for these will fluctuate based upon metal prices.  They are just amazing and a must as an accessory - even for a campfollower.