Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Young Martha Washington

     Colonial Williamsburg is bringing in interpreters as our founding fathers and mothers in their younger days.  Katharine Pittman has brought back, in a wonderful way, the Young Martha Washington.  I have been watching photos come out of her wearing a couple of types of riding habits (she loves horses and rides herself by the way), and other lovely clothes that a younger Martha would have worn.  When I came across her wearing the Gray Horse "La Bella" earrings (I later found out were a gift to her from a mutual friend), the first thing I thought was how well they went with the riding habit!  An excellent choice and one that I would highly recommend.

     I think it is awesome that we can encounter and talk with them!  I hope to meet up with her during one of my visits to Colonial Williamsburg.

Katharine Pittman as the Young Martha
(Photo by Cindy McEnery)

Photo by Fred Blystone