Friday, August 26, 2016

Pre-Orders are now being taken for the Cluster Ring inspired by Martha Washington!

     Please go to my Etsy shop as pre-orders are now being taken, until September 6th, for the cluster rings inspired by Martha Washington's wedding ring.  I decided to have them made in a polished brass - which will not turn colors - and sterling silver to make them affordable (and for those who may have metal allergies).

     The advantage of making a pre-order is that you can get your size right when they come in versus having to wait 4-5 weeks - which is how long these take to make IF I do not have your size in stock.  

     These can be ordered in sizes 4-11 including half sizes!

Reproduction in polished brass with all clear crystals

Reproduction side view in polished brass and all clear crystals

Reproduction in Sterling silver with pearls and a ruby center

Reproduction in Sterling silver with ruby center

 Martha Washington's Wedding Ring from Daniel Parke Custis

Original cluster ring with turquoise and a ruby center owned by me