Monday, September 5, 2016

Catherine Curzon, Author "Life in the Georgian Court"

     I am honored thatCatherine Curzon, author of Life in the Georgian Court, was gracious enough to wear a Gray Horse Czech red coral teardrop and sparkly ruby embellishments necklace, matching bracelet, and a really cool mesh sparkly bracelet that I made for her. This was all for her very special evening introducing An Evening with Jane Austen at the Brighton Pavillion.  She also had a book signing!  

     Here is a photo of her with Adrian Lukis. He has been in so many of my favorite movies and shows. You all KNOW who he is RIGHT? Wow. So well deserved and I thank her so much for allowing me to share the photos!!!!

Catherine Curzon with Adrian Lukis 

Catherine Curzon holding her book, Life in the Georgian Court