Wednesday, September 21, 2016

George Washington's Mount Vernon Market Fair - 17-18 September 2016

     I had a wonderful and successful show at George Washington's Mount Vernon this past weekend.  Thank you to my "crew," Jami, Nastassia and Kerry, for helping me get setup and through the weekend.  We had a great time, the fair had perfect weather (albiet VERY humid), and all were in great spirits.  
My Shop

     Wm Booth Draper at the Sign of the Unicorn is now reselling the Charlotte shoe buckles and handmade sterling silver and brass reproduction sleeve buttons that I offer! They have the most amazing fabric, so please check them out.  If they are at an event, buy buy buy!

Sarah Cooper wearing one of my "Jane Austen Crosses" while working at Silhouettes by Hand

Nastassia and I on Saturday

 I received my artist's proof of "The Lost Garter" now available from White Historic Art
(Yes, I'm the model)

I also received my original painting by Pamela Patrick White of White Historic Art of Southern Belle, THE original Gray Horse that I named my business after

My most amazing new floorcloth by Jennifer Higgins of Chaddsford Floorcloths
There is a theme here, huh?  LOL

I also purchased another Floor cloth by Chris Washack of Hemlock Hollow Floorcloths to use at my living history events - classic design and SO beautiful!
(This photo is just after she finished it for me)

My awesome hair piece by The Wig Dresser

Another amazing hair piece by The Wig Dresser