Monday, October 3, 2016

The "James" 18th Century Shoe Buckles - Cut Steel and Silver!

     My newest buckle is called the "James" after James Goucher.  He graciously allowed me to borrow his original cut steel shoe buckles to measure so that I could have them reproduced.  They turned out absolutely wonderful!

     So, I decided to offer them in the cut steel look as well as a polished silver (limited stock) for those who wanted a choice.  These are perfect for men or women who want a different look than what is out there.  

     The buckles measure 2-1/4 inches long, 1-3/4 inches wide, and will accommodate a buckle strap (latchet) width of 1-1/2 inches wide.  They are easily attached and removed to accommodate shoes made by all different makers.  They are shown below on shoes made by American Duchess.  

     They are offered at $38 a pair - either type.  You can purchase them from my Etsy shop!

Left to Right - Polished silver and Cut Steel

Cut Steel

Detail of the cut steel

Detail of the polished silver

Originals owned by James Goucher