Monday, October 31, 2016

Black Petticoat Society, A Turn: Washington's Spies Fan Association Storms Colonial Williamsburg!

     The founding ladies of Black Petticoat Society, A Turn: Washington's Spies Fan Association took Colonial Williamsburg by storm this past weekend.  They are also fans of my jewelry, and each wore a little something of mine - okay maybe in some cases a lot - to show off in the Capital city! There are also pieces that they are wearing that are also actually in the TV show!

     The ladies love the show, TURN, which will air its fourth, and supposedly, last season in 2017.  The show has continued to use my jewelry, that was purchased in Season 2, through Season 3 and I hope to see in Season 4.  The Black Petticoat Society, or BPS, have podcasts just after each episode that you can participate in or just follow.  They also do giveaways of my jewelry as well!  So, you too, can try to win a piece of my jewelry.  You can find out more on their Facebook or Tumblr pages.   

Elizabeth Swann impression

     There has been a bit of controversy with reenactors about TURN's accuracy in both the story and in the clothing.  It seems those in our society can watch zombie shows (not real!) but don't mess with actual history in a TV show or movie!  So, Rachel West, who works for the Office of the State Historian of Connecticut, has created a webpage called "TURN to a historian" to give you the lowdown on the actual historical events if they do not completely parallel with the show.  Author, Todd Braisted, among others has contributed to the blog.  I LOVE this.  My personal opinion on the show is if it helps to introduce younger people to history, then I have no problem with the artistic license.  

     The ladies of the BPS do an excellent job of promoting the show, as well as getting ladies interested in living history.  They are a true inspiration!

Beautiful ladies Alyssa and Krista with Kurt Benjamin Smith

Alyssa and Krista with Gary Rutkowski and Adam Canady 

Gorgeous Karen 

Krista is sporting her lavender earrings with the new gown she made 

 Alyssa looking thoughtful, and beautiful, in her crystal and pearl earrings - the navy blue gown is gorgeous!

Alyssa is with a horse - not sure if you know I love horses?  It seems that horse is smitten!

LOVE dogs!  Alyssa is definitely an animal lover - I think this is one of my favorite photos

Krista wearing a pair of garnet and sterling silver earrings and matching necklace - the same as Meghan Warren in TURN!

Krista is wearing a pair of my Charlotte clear and garnet shoe buckles - let's hope she didn't fall in!

Karen looking gorgeous in her star crystal earring and pendant set