Monday, October 31, 2016

Mount Harmon Plantation Revolutionary War Reenactment - 29-30 October 2016

     I had a wonderful time at the Mount Harmon reenactment this past weekend!  Thank you to all who visited, and who also supported the horses!  We had a windy, cool, and then warm weekend - with no rain.  Everyone had a great time. The reenactment was billed as a smaller event, but had about 200 reenactors and 7 sutlers there with tours of the house going on as well.  The battles were impressive - with skirmishes in the woods and you could hear the musket fire in the distance.

     If you have not visited this absolutely wonderful historic site, it is a must see on your travels.

 Robin and I in my shop
(Photo by Mount Harmon Plantation)

The British Marines and other soldiers during battle

Meredith Barnes of Molly Picture Studio wearing a pair of my Charlotte buckles with her American Duchess Shoes as well as earrings and custom made bracelets (or cuffs) for her wrists

(Photo by Molly Picture Studio

 Robin wearing my red coral earrings, necklace, and pocket watch chain

Erin Brown in the hearth kitchen doing one of my favorite things! 

The Manor House 

The Boxwood Garden

Just one of the views from the creek side of the house where the British camped