Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Darnall's Chance Museum House, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

     You will very soon see my jewelry offered in the museum gift shop of Darnall's chance in Upper Marlboro, Maryland!

     They will also show case some of my jewelry in their on-site exhibits. If you are in the area, or have not seen this site, do stop by for or schedule a tour! 

     There are many out there that love the 1760's as I do - this Museum seeks to interpret the story of Lettice Lee, who lived at Darnall's Chance in the decades just prior to the American Revolution.  Jewelry displayed here must be appropriate for the time period, and as I've written before - that is probably lots and lots of pearls!

     The house and grounds reflect 1760, the year Lettice Lee’s first husband died, and a room by room inventory was taken of the contents of the house.  What a wonderful thing to have!

     Stay tuned for close ups of the jewelry once displayed within the displays.