Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Paca House and Gardens Christmas Open House 2016

     I had the distinct privilege to participate in a Christmas program at the Paca House and Gardens on 17 December.  There were 11 living historians that were able to attend, and made the house come alive with holiday magic.  

L-R (Back) - Ted Borek, Harry Aycock, Earl Schibe, and Jim McGaughey
L-R (Front) - Kimberly Walters, Jami Borek, Gema Gonzalez, Matthew West, Nicki Foronda, and Kerry McClure

     The year was 1772, Mr. and Mrs. Paca had invited a few friends and acquaintances to their home to share in their prosperity for that year.  It was a wonderful event, at an amazing house in Historic Annapolis.

     Here are just a few photos of the event of our time there. It is with many thanks that I give to Historic Annapolis to allow us to recreate the people of the town as well as the Pacas. There is a mixture of those of us who make our clothing, and those who have tailors and mantua makers. Much of the jewelry is from my shop which was so nice to see!  The photos were taken by Kenneth Tom.

 Mrs. Paca arriving after visiting with a sick cousin - greeting Mrs. Dulany

Mrs. Paca going above stairs to see her sister, Mrs. Bordley

Mrs. Bordley finalizing her toilet before the party while waiting for her sister, Mrs. Paca
(My gown was made by The Silly Sisters)

 Nan Snead (Carolyn Murphy) making delicacies for the party
(She made her gown)

Mrs. Chase looking pensive - hoping her husband will arrive soon
(She made her gown)

Mrs. Bordley serving Mrs. Chase a bit of punch

His Excellency Governor Eden and Mr. Paca 

Mr. Paca reading the news of the day

His Excellency Governor Eden, Mrs. Bordley, with Mrs. and Mrs. Dulany 

Amanda and Amelia also make a visit to the party.
You can read more about them at Shrewsbury Press!

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Paca

Mrs. Ogle, Mrs. Bordley, and Mrs. Paca 

The Paca House at night - both haunting and welcoming all at the same time.