Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Amelia's Dream by Jami Borek

      I just received my copy of Amelia's Dream, by Jami Borek of Shrewsbury Press.  It is the sequel to Amanda's Secret.  Both can be purchased on Amazon.com.  I can't wait to start reading this one!  I'm a bit behind on my reading as she has had this book out for a few months now (and actually just started her new book Secrets Worth Killing For).

     Jami is a very good friend of mine. She and her husband, Ted, participate in living history events at historic sites that I also attend.  They have been doing reenacting/living history for a lot longer than I have, and their advice and assistance is invaluable.  Ted also gives us the gift of music with his fiddle, and in many ways completes the ambiance and feel of the event (depending on the setting of course).  Jami has also assisted me with editing my own book, A Book of Cookery by a Lady.

     If you have not read these books, targeted towards young girls - I'd recommend them for "older" girls too!  She writes her stories as if you are there with them with the 18th century vernacular - which isn't easy to do!  


     I'm honored that Jami has mentioned me in the Acknowledgements of her book for providing jewelry that were Amelia's.  She had taken photos of me at Chestertown a few years ago as I was to be Amanda's Mom in her first book. So cool!  

Amanda and Amelia in the Paca House and Gardens, Historic Annapolis

     I wrote a post some months back about another book Patriots & Poisons which takes place in Philadelphia, and is a murder mystery.  I read that book and decided to hearth cook the party scene within it.  You can see that post by clicking here.

     Now to finish one book to start this one!