Monday, February 6, 2017

Darnall's Chance House Museum, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

     In 2016, Darnall's Chance House Museum purchased some items to resell in their museum shop. At that time, we discussed the jewelry for their displays.  The ladies represented are Mrs. Luke (Elizabeth) Marbury and Miss Margaret Lee. 

     The ladies are dressed for a party.  They are in the room with Mr. Colomores Bean and Mr. George Lee.  The history of the house can be seen on their website at this link.  

The Ladies before

     Since the house is interpreted for the mid 18th century, I started doing research using portraits that included opening up my copy of Painters and Paintings of the Early American South by Carolyn Weekley published in 2013 as well as looking through my files which I have amassed quite a few on Pinterest

     In collaboration with the site director, Susan Reidy as well as with my friend Philippe Halbert, a doctoral student at Yale University, we came up with a look at that representative of the social status of the ladies, as well as what was somewhat common to that time period.

     My inspiration came from Mrs. Matthew (Mary Orange) Rothery by John Durand dated 1773, Colonial Williamsburg; Elizabeth Moffat Sherburne by John Greenwood, circa 1750, Yale University Art Gallery; and, "Heads of Beauties" painted by Thomas Frye circa 1760.

Elizabeth Moffat Sherburne by John Greenwood, circa 1750, Yale University Art Gallery

A Fashionable Lady with her Right hand on her Left Wrist by Thomas Frye circa 1760

The ladies in the house were given a refresh over the past month and the jewelry was added!  The items that we chose turned out to truly represent the jewelry fashion of their time and look amazing.

 Swarovski Crystal pearl bib necklace with ruby Swarovski Crystal girandole earrings

We decided to use a ruby crystal in the earrings to pull out the reds and pinks in the gown

Miss Lee

Black velvet choker, garnet necklace with Swarovski Crystal hair decoration, and 1950's repurposed pearl cluster earrings

On Mrs. Marbury - we decided to change the pearl cluster earrings to a garnet and pearl drop

Mrs. Marbury

The finished ladies!