Sunday, March 5, 2017

Archduchess Maria Christine by Marcello Bacciarelli, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria 1766

     A bespoke item for a special client - this was a custom order that I was recently asked to make.  I must confess, I have always loved this portrait of her jewelry - but how to recreate it?  

 Archduchess Maria Christine by Marcello Bacciarelli, Kunsthistorisches Museum, 
Vienna, Austria, 1766

     I started with the earrings and hair sprigs.  I love repurposing old earrings, so found some lovely 1950's clip-ons and layered them with brass filigrees that I was also going to use for the hair sprigs and converted them for a pierced ear - my client did not have any metal allergies which made it easier.  I found some lovely crystal clusters as well and put them together.


I then also created the hair sprigs by hand.  I have been creating these for awhile, so it was easy to make.  My client wanted five versus the eight or more on Maria Christine.

Hair Sprigs up top and Earrings on the bottom

The necklace was another challenge, and I studied it close up to figure out how I would create it.  I want something close, but also wearable.  I figured out that it was probably velvet with crystals and lace.

I sewed ribbon on the end of the velvet in which to tie behind as the portrait shows - it is fain, but you can see it.

Full set but the necklace turned out lovely 

Let me know what you think!