Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Paca House and Gardens, Annapolis, Maryland

     The jewelry has arrived at the Paca House and Gardens and is on display with many original pieces!  I am honored to be a volunteer there a few times a year and for special occasions.  

     A month or so ago, I posted on Facebook about the creation of several pieces for this house museum's dressing area.  I was able to work with Historic Annapolis's Curator of Collections, Pandora Hess on the project.  She and I discussed the style and materials of the pieces.

     We looked at several portraits between 1765 to 1772, and decided upon the look for their display that comes from the Martha "Patsy" Custis Washington miniature dated 1772. The Paca House and Gardens interprets the lives of William and Mary Chew Paca from the time the house was built to when Mary died in 1774.

Martha Parke Custis in miniature by Charles Wilson Peale, 1772

Pearl and Garnet Necklace with a Miniature of William Paca on display
(Gown made by The Silly Sisters)

     Pandora also wanted a personal touch as nothing is left that they know of of Mary, so we added a wedding ring with William and Mary's marriage date, another miniature by a different artist, and a pair of my garnet paste Charlotte buckles to match the strawberries in the gown on display. Garnets were very popular during this time period, and information can be found in newspaper ads in Annapolis that can be traced back to England imports.

Gold-Filled Ring with "W.P 23 May 1763 M.C.P" engraved inside

Garnet Paste Charlotte Shoe Buckles, Miniature on a Ribbon, and Wedding Ring

Gown Detail

Garnet Paste Charlotte Shoe Buckles, Miniature of William Paca hanging from a real Garnet necklace, Gold-Filled engraved ring, and White Cultured Rice Pearl necklace