Monday, April 24, 2017

Sterling Silver Heart in Hand Rings - Gimmal or Fede Rings

     As promised last year, I have been working with a manufacturer to create a posy ring "Harbor the Harmles Hert" in a fede motif and to which Shakespeare refers to in The Tempest (III, ii, 89-90), when Ferdinando says 'Here's my hand' and Miranda replies 'And mine with my heart in it.' These are considered associated with love, friendship, and marriage.  Rings in the time period were not always worn on the "ring finger," but were also worn on the "index finger."  They are also defined as a gimmal ring which is essentially two or three loops linked together to form one complete ring.

My original - possibly 1930's revival

My original - possibly 1930's revival

     The motif was interpreted in two designs for fede rings published by the goldsmith Pierre Woeiriot in his Livre d'aneaux d'orfevrerie (Lyons 1561): one shows the hands firmly grasped by the thumbs, and one has them lying cradled one within the other, both supported by projecting volutes carried by herms at the shoulders.  An unusual variant is recorded in Hungary  with the two hands holding two interlaced rings with the letters S above and B below, crowned and enameled in black and white.  My version is the first style described.

Reproduction in the shop - open

Reproduction closed

Reproduction how it looks on

     I have been able to work out a sterling silver version in three connected rings that include a heart in the center.  this is unique from others available outhere!  They will be offered in sizes 5-9 - maybe with half sizes also available).

     I currently have two in a size 8-1/2 and two in size 9. Smaller versions are still in the works and available soon. Prices will change as metal prices fluctuate, but they are currently being offered at $50 per ring.

Rings, Jewelry of Power, Love, and Loyalty by Diana Scarisbrick, Thames & Hudson, Ltd., London, 2007