Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Maryland Historical Society Magazine - Summer 2017

     I am honored to be highlighted as a new member in the Maryland Historical Society magazine for the summer of 2017!!  The title, "Bringing History to Life through Inspiration and Art!"

     When entering into research for my new book about tea in 18th Century America, I needed to see inside Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Carroll's account book held in their library.  I was pleasantly surprised at what it contained - receipts, lists of items in the house that also pertained to her tea items (BONUS!), payments - in her handwriting.  There was another set of writing that was of her cousin, Tench Tilghman's daughter, Elizabeth Tench Goldsborough.  Tench Tilghman was an aide-de-camp to General Washington during the war years and the Maryland Historical Society has items in their collection that belonged to him.

     While there, I spent the day going through their exhibits, and spend some $$ in their giftshop.  They had a silver plated coffee pot that I purchased for my living history interpretation along with BOOKS!  Their exhibits also inspired me to create jewelry similar to what I saw.

Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte gown and jewelry

Gown worn by Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte's mother, 18th century

Triple Portrait of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte by George D'Almaine, 1856

Eleanor Darnall by Justus Kuhn, 1710

Children of Commodore John Daniel Daniels by Robert Street, 1810

Detail of Children of Commodore John Daniel Daniels by Robert Street, 1810

A Lady of the Shure Family by Joshua Johnson, 1820-1825

My reproduction earrings after A Lady of the Shure Family