Monday, October 9, 2017

Clivedon and The Battle of Germantown

     I spent a lovely, yet hectic weekend going to Cliveden, City Tavern, and the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this past weekend.  The small, one-day event was sponsored by the Asher's Chocolates.

     The Battle of Germantown, held at Cliveden, was a lovely event that has a special history to many who attended.  This was my first year, and I really loved being there - it is a shame that Mr. Asher, of Asher Chocolates and who was the driving force behind this event, passed away a few months prior - as it would have been lovely to meet him.  I came wearing my early 18th century 1770's gown.  I was able to get into the house and my first words were "Wow."  The house is spectacular - the high ceilings, the history, and the feeling I got when I walked into the door.   They do not allow you to take photos inside, or I would be able to show you what I mean.  I was able to get some outside and am in love with this site.  I wish they had had a giftshop that included a book on the history of the house.

Photo of me taken by Robin Marie

     I was there with His Majesty's Marines who participated in the battle.  The history of the Battle as told by their director, David Young can be heard here.  It was one of the largest battles of the revolution in which General Washington commanded troops against General William Howe.

Captain McGaughey of His Majesty's Marines

     I spent the day with wonderful company, and was able to sooth a young girl crying due to the cannon and musket fire.  I often wonder of our sensibilities not having lived in a war time situation.  Our military today that go overseas are in harm's way, and they protect us from having war from coming onto our shores.  Those who are at reenactments on a regular basis are not at all used to the sound of war, and I assured the girl that it was all make believe.  If a reenactment sounded that real, we must be doing something right!

Me, Earl (42d Highlanders), Private Morgan (Marines), Robin, and Krista 

Robin and Private Rancone

Krista and I, Photo by Robin Marie

 Photo by MoofPics

If you do not know Eliza - you must subscribe to her blog!  She is a wonderful friend, and lover of the jewelry that I make (she is wearing earrings and pearls of mine).  
She makes her own clothing and is FUN.  Eliza is part of a group that travels to historic sites to talk about the 18th century material culture and music with the Ministers of Apollo Early American Music and Arts.

     Went to the City Tavern in the evening, after trying to get to the hotel with road closures and one way streets in the downtown area - finally got there to a lovely dinner - which was excellent.  The privacy of the basement of the tavern was nice, but I may have preferred to be upstairs.

Beer Sampler - WOW.

With the Marines and 1st New Jersey 

Selfie with Karen and Krista

     I spent the day on Sunday at the Museum of the American Revolution of which I was able to observe, first hand, my watch chains, keys, and seals on display.  

     I am humbled by the opportunity to provide inspired reproductions for displays in museums.  The exhibits were thought provoking and inspiring.