Sunday, October 22, 2017

George Washington Birthplace National Monument

     The second weekend in a row that I was at it hearth cooking.  This was my sixth year at George Washington Birthplace National Monument very near Colonial Beach, Virginia.  It is a favorite historic site - but anything to do with George Washington is a favorite for me!

Kerry McClure as Mrs. Anne Aylette Washington in front of the house

Inside the House - so AWESOME
Photo by Robin Marie

Bedroom - Gorgeous
Photo by Robin Marie

View from the house - so amazing
Photo by Robin Marie

The Road coming into the site - they have animals on site from pigs, horses, sheep, and very large oxen.  Bald Eagles were also seen flying over wondering what the big noises were when the muskets fired.  I love sites with animals!!!!

Did I say they had horses?  And a Senior horse at that?

Krista and I helping him have some earlier to eat pieces of apple

     Gema Gonzalez and Krista Jasillo shared the kitchen with me, and we created an amazing meal for His Majesty's Marines.  

The Kitchen team 

Drying her shoes by the fire

The British Marine camp


Follower of the Army - Robin

     Now down to the actual cooking!  We created an ambitious meal, and the weather was amazing so we were cooking on a gorgeous and cool day.  The menu consisted of Beef Stakes, Fried Fish, Sausages and Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots the Dutch Way, French Beans with Bacon, Bread Pudding, Bread, Stewed Mushrooms, and various items for dessert that included shortbread, dried strawberries, candied ginger, grapes, chocolate, and apple tarts!

Preparation is taking place!

Gema and Daniel

Gema finishing up the Stewed Mushrooms

Krista in CHARGE of the fire - her shoes are still drying by the fire.

Preparing the dough for the apples tarts (bottom) and 
the beef stakes (steaks) broth base ingredients

Amazing bread and butter made by Krista

Krista tending the fire - making some coals so we can bake

Casting a spell on the fire...Just Kidding

It is always fun to hang out in the kitchen - OH to know what they are laughing about!

Shenanigans with Robin, Krista, and Gema
So much happening in this fireplace to create the meal that we did - the bread pudding is done, getting ready to fry fish, apple tarts are baking in both tin ovens, and beans are boiling on the fire

French Beans with Bacon ready!

Our tables with the finish meal and desserts - we even had a table for drinks with punch, lemonade, and water

A Marine digging into the feast - you can see the Carrots the Dutch Way, Bread pudding, and Fried Fish (there is also a salt dish)

The Dessert Table

The Dinner table

Now for the clean-up with Mrs. Washington supervising

End of Day Selfie!  It was an excellent and fun day!  Yes, I'm exhausted...