Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Early American Life Directory


     I am pleased to announce that the entry of my "Martha" garnet crystal necklace (sold exclusively through George Washington's Mount Vernon), and turquoise Forget Me Not reproduction rings were accepted into the 2018 Early American Life magazine directory!  It will be published in August, and this year those pieces accepted are highlighted and photographed in Colonial Williamsburg.  

   "For the 33rd year, the Directory of Traditional American Crafts puts the spotlight on the best artistry in and craftsmanship using historic materials, themes, styles, and handwork. This year the best of the best will be photographed in the most appropriate setting—among the exhibits of Colonial Williamsburg.

Karen Roth at George Washington's Mount Vernon

     "The Directory lists the artists judged as being the best in America by a jury of museum curators, historians, authors, collectors, and other experts and appears in the August issue of Early American Life magazine. Works deserving particular commendation—judged as musuem quality by the jurors—will be chosen to be photographed in the most fitting of settings, among genuine historic interiors and artifacts from the period in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg."

     "The Directory of Traditional American Crafts is the highest honor for those who work in historic American forms using the same hand techniques and materials (when appropriate) as those used by our ancestors who created now-treasured antiques."