Saturday, June 30, 2018

Weekend in Colonial Williamsburg

     Every year several people from all walks of life, professions, and who enjoy the same hobby of dressing up 18th century style, get together in June for a picnic or garden party in Colonial Williamsburg.  This is the first year I have attended, and it was held indoors due to the rain/heat.  I had a lovely time!  Once you get there and settled in, it is time to dress up, eat in the taverns, go to concerts, and walk about!  Unfortunately, it seems the town closes down at 5pm, and the restaurants at 9pm.  There are; however, some evening programs and concerts that you can sign up for, and I walked past several groups who were on them.  Overall, if you manage your days right, you may just be ready to go back and relax in your room with a glass of wine to get ready for the next day.  

With Krista at the Tucker House - jewelry made by me.  Blue pearls after Mrs. Mostyn, 1759.

Took advantage of getting my Early American Life jewelry on Krista!!!

Krista and Kerry at the Market Square Tavern

In the Market Square Tavern at the Garden party - have to wear a flower hat to that!  Hat was made by Hallie Larkin

Nicki Foronda - one of the organizers of the party 

In the Market Square Tavern  common room

Robin Marie - assisted Nicki in organizing the party this year

SO much food

Behind the Market Square Tavern near the well - showing off my Montana Blue Charlotte Shoe Buckles, miniature with Southern Belle in it, and a ring from Allures d'Antan

My gorgeous clocked stockings from Penny River Costuming

Obligatory horse photograph - a matched pair of mares!  When I walked up I was given the look of love, but they were hot and tired.

In the Greenhow Store next to my book!  If you are there, buy a copy.  Can't get there?  It is available in my shop and on Amazon.