Sunday, July 15, 2018


     I'm very excited about announcing this new ring - a few years ago I came across a gorgeous, original, 18th century REGARD ring and purchased it!  Now, what is a REGARD ring you say?

Original REGARD Ring in my personal collection

     I like to use several sources for my research and reproductions including original pieces.  In the case of this ring, my original is untouched and still as it was when it was made. 

     The language of stones in the time period had special meaning for the intimate acknowledgement of love between couples.  Diamonds for constancy, sapphires for the soul, emeralds for faith, and rubies for passion.  When one sees a two stone ring set with a diamond and a ruby - it can be interpreted as an enduring passion between lovers.  Charming love tokens or rings were most cherished mementos of the Georgian era, especially if they contained a secret message.  The first letters of the words for particular gemstones would spell out, in succession, a romantic word or phrase.  These acrostic pieces were charming and singled out the wearer as one who was loved openly and dearly.  The most often seen of these phrases were REGARD, DEAREST, ADORE, LOVE, ME, AND FOREVER.  (Taken from Georgian Jewelry by Ginny Redington Dawes)

 Reproduction REGARD Ring set in Gold-Plated Brass

     My reproduction is a true faithful exact ring as the original.  I'm excited to offer it for sale!  This ring is similar to my Martha Washington inspired ring in that it is made via a wax cast mold from the original piece, and includes precious and semi-precious stones.  The stones stand for Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, and Diamond.  My reproduction offers the last stone in clear crystal so as to make it more affordable.  I could make it with a Diamond for anyone who would like that option.

 Close-up Detail - Prong Settings

Side View

     Be on the lookout soon for an ADORE ring in my Etsy shop!