Tuesday, August 21, 2018


     I just received my sample ADORE ring!  Just like my REGARD ring, the stone type spells out the first letters of the word.  

Sorry for my "working" hands.  They tend to handle horses a lot.   I need a hand double.

     The perfect gift for that special someone.  You can check out the photos of my REGARD ring in my Etsy shop here and my Early American Life award winning Turquoise and Ruby ring here.  I also have a ring that emulates one that Martha Washington wore - here (and it is also available in sterling silver and with pearls)!

Detail of the side of the ring - the white Opal, Ruby, and Emerald Prominently shown

     I will often have some in stock, and if I do not have your size, it can be ordered! I will offer these in gold-plated over brass, 10ct or 14ct gold, and sterling silver.  

The other side - the Amethyst and clear Swarovski Crystal

YES - all of the stones are real - the crystal is Swarovski

     Woot!  So excited.  Psst.  I also stacked the REGARD and ADORE rings together, and they look amazing together.