Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Most Perfect Georgian Bow - Now Available with Paste!

     Have been very busy with thinking up new products to offer to my client base, and these have turned out so well!  The possibilities are endless in putting together earrings or even a pendant with these.  They are based upon my regular Georgian Bows that I offer here and here for those who may not need the extra bling for day wear or any time really.  

     You can order these in my shop here.  All of the links above get you to my Etsy shop in which to order.  

     Will let the photos do the talking!  More colors are on the way - so stay tuned!  These match very well with my Charlotte and Dandridge shoe buckles - hint hint.

These are inspired after originals using a Rosette Forget Me Not Cluster at the top

George Gordon Byron in a Garnet Rhinestone Frame with Garnet Bow

Historical Hottie John Mortlock of Cambridge and Abington Hall by John Downman, 1779 
on a pearl necklace

Garnet Rhinestones

Clear Rhinestones with South Sea Shell Pearls

Clear Rhinestones in Silver Plate - Earwires are Sterling

Gold-Plate with Clear Rhinestones - Earwires are Gold-Filled